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Five Most Useful Tips to Incorporate Instagram Into Your Web Design

By Randy Stark

A man working on a website.Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It has 1 billion active users who spent a considerable part of their day browsing the app, checking profiles, and uploading videos and images. Instagram provides many suitable tools and functions for a business. 


Instagram is a perfect platform for company promotion and should not just be actively used but also be incorporated into your web design. Here’s how you can earn a considerable profit by incorporating Instagram into your web design.



Using Embedded Instagram Feeds

This is the most commonly used primary method and is suitable for all kinds of businesses. Many commercial websites have established their brand name by including Instagram on their websites. Besides providing relevant product details and prices, many brands also embed their Instagram profile onto their websites so users can go to their Instagram page and view the products that are not displayed on the website. Using this method, companies can also draw more followers to their Instagram pages. Most of the visitors will go through your website and click on the feed if it’s attractive. You should embed an Instagram feed in your website in such a way that it looks precise but is easily located by your visitors. It will be an added advantage if the color schemes of your website match with the Instagram layout. If you lack followers, then you might consider buying real Instagram followers from a company that provides you with genuine, human followers. Although it’s surprisingly common practice, even among major brands and influencers, our PR agency doesn’t normally recommend it. See six ways you’re doing social media wrong.


Creating a Lookbook

A brand uses a lookbook to convey its latest collection in a marketable light. Earlier, major fashion retailers used to give buyers their lookbooks. But as e-commerce flourished, there was no need to distribute lookbooks. E-commerce brands are now using lookbooks in their website or mobile apps to directly appeal to customers. This method involves designing a website to look like a lookbook where images are linked to their Instagram profiles. Creating a lookbook is a very clever method as users will be attracted to the visually appealing images and readily click them. When they click on the image, they will get an Instagram link that allows them to view the details of the product. One thing you must keep in your mind while using this method is you have to design a clean and easy-to-navigate website by using an appropriate theme that is attractive and completely blends with Instagram. 

Sales through Instagram

Many brands use Instagram solely for marketing. Here, customers can shop from your company’s Instagram accounts. According to Forbesnearly 130 million people tap on Instagram shopping posts every month. You must use the best photographs of your products on your Instagram account and add a hyperlinked caption that will redirect your customers to your website. Multiple images of products should be available in your Instagram account so users will get an idea of how to utilize the product effectively. Most people use Instagram as a mobile app, and in the mobile app, users will have a simplified shopping experience browsing your products. 


Hashtag Feeds

On Instagram, you can make your posts visible to a large number of people by adding hashtags. Many brands use hashtags to gain customer faith and keep them engaged and updated with various aspects of their business. Proper hashtags will make your website easily noticeable. When your customers see their favorite photos and hashtags, they will feel important as a follower and as a client.


Instagram Badges

Instagram has launched Instagram badges that helps you promote your Instagram profile by linking it to your website. You can invoke your customers by adding relevant Instagram badges to your website. These badges draw user attention. By clicking on these badges, they will be directed to your Instagram page, from where they can shop what they want.



There is no doubt that social media platforms have enhanced digital marketing. A wide range of products is promoted and sold on Instagram. It is an effective method of pooling and intensifying your traffic in one place by linking your website with your Instagram account. Follow these five tips if you want to incorporate Instagram into your web design.


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