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Feelings of your employees, customers key to success

By Jason Mudd


If you’re looking for more success for your business, your corporate culture may be the perfect place to start. Southwest Airlines sets the perfect example for how great customer service can insulate your business against bad news. If your business is stuck in neutral, call in the pros to kick it into overdrive.




60-Second Articles:

1. Corporate culture holding you back?

2. Apply the Southwest focus

3. The 60-Second Close: Are you stuck in neutral?



1. Corporate culture holding you back?

  • It’s easy to forget that a companys success is the result of people working within a culture encouraging ideas and change.

  • Successful companies make it a priority to develop a culture that attracts and retains great talent, creating an environment where people enjoy being at work.

  • Without a strong culture, innovation – necessary to compete in the marketplace slows down and growth shifts to “neutral.”

  • Many attempt to fix the sales process rather than looking at the important factors: Is the company a great place to work? Are employees buying into your culture?
  • Building your companys business outward from its culture ensures that you have an enthusiastic team committed to your companys success and leadership. Culture drives innovation; innovation drives sales.



2. Apply the Southwest focus

  • How do you pass on higher costs to customers without them feeling some pain? By focusing on your customers, providing them with a better customer experience and more value. We call it “the Southwest focus.”

  • Southwest Airlines’ business model has always been focused contrary to most business philosophies. The company’s focus is not on being an airline with great customer service, but on being a great customer service company that happens to be an airline.

  • By incorporating the Southwest focus into your own business culture, you provide your customers with better value, so price doesn’t become an issue.



3. The 60-Second Close: Are you stuck in neutral?

  • Every business goes through a stage when it’s stuck – you feel that youre doing everything you can, but nothing great is happening. Somethings missing; you havent become the leader in your category and time is running out.

  • If your business is stuck in neutral and the gearbox seems jammed, call us! We can provide an impartial voice, offering reason and a fresh perspective. From there, we can help you increase your customer base, convert leads and drive sales. We can help you get there faster – and better – than ever.




Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations


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