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Why Your Employees Should be Part of Your PR Audience

By Axia Public Relations

Ask most people who the "public" in public relations refers to and they'll likely say it refers to the general population, or a company's customers and potential customers. But the publics most companies need to reach may include investors or government regulators. One public that is essential to almost every company's success is its own employees.

Employee Public Relations

Happy employees are more productive, more innovative, more likely to show up for work and more likely to stay on the job — all things that can impact your company's bottom line. A public relations strategy that includes employees as one of its target audiences can help make — and keep — your employees happy. Good employee public relations can be the difference between a company that is just surviving and one that is thriving.

Melanie Graham over at Gravitate has put together this infographic to visually demonstrate the dollar value of keeping your employees happy.


Employee Public Relations - Happiness Infographic

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