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Effective creative campaign can secure your company’s growth

By Axia Public Relations

Axia’s 60-Second Impact
60 Seconds Of Information Impacting You And Our Fast-Forward Economy


February 2011: 60-Second Impact


Axia's logo.With growing product availability, promotions and an increased use of smart phones, companies must set themselves apart by creating a clever publicity campaign. To boost your company’s profits, send standout messages using new and old communication channels.   

Estimated Reading Time: 60 Seconds

60 Second Articles: 

  1. How To Solve Your Company’s No. 1 Crisis

  2. Did You Know? Factoids For Meaningful Conversations With Customers

  3. The 60-Second Close: We May Have The Answer For You


1. How To Solve Your Company’s No. 1 Crisis

  • The No. 1 crisis faced by businesses of every category is growth. How will your company cultivate new revenues? Will it tap into a current customer base or seek out new targets by offering new products? The key to new growth involves developing a creative campaign that resonates with potential customers and delivers measureable results. 

  • While every company aims to increase profitability by streamlining services and cutting costs, the cleverest corporations are also revving up their public relations engines with creative messages that zing.

  • Does your company’s current public relations campaign stand out boldly among the 5,000 selling messages your customers encounter every day? Can your publicity efforts boost your company’s profits beyond all expectations?


2. Did You Know? Factoids For Meaningful Conversations With Customers
  • Amid increased smart phone usage, a good percentage of your customers are reading e-mails on their phones. So, keep your e-mails short with as few images as possible. To test e-mail promotions, see how they look on your phone.

  • Users have downloaded nearly 10 billion applications from Apple’s iTunes App Store - seven billion of which transferred in 2010. The use of mobile and tablet apps is growing. Do you need to create an app?

  • One of the best ways to improve an online presence via Google is to ensure your website’s title tag contains relevant keywords first, followed by your company’s name.

  • After being declared finished, traditional media may be back in vogue. Television remains the powerhouse medium, while print and radio still serve an audience. 


3. The 60-Second Close: We May Have The Answer For You

  • Getting customers to hear your message can be one of your biggest challenges. Public relations efforts are wasted daily when your target fails to hear or see what you’re saying.

  • We urge you to examine closely your public relations campaign. Is it working well? If you’re unsure and would like a second opinion, let us know. This effort could determine your company’s success. 

  • Call us. For creative publicity that cuts through the clutter and brings profitable results, we can get you there faster than ever. 

Best Wishes,


Jason Mudd, APR

Axia Public Relations


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