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Don’t let your superstar company speaker go unnoticed; promote today!

By Alan Helquist

3 ways to market your company’s speaker

Promoting your company speaker is always a good idea.

Speaking engagements are a terrific way to increase your company’s visibility and enhance your reputation. Perhaps your company’s speaker is captivating and delivers presentations that are engaging and informative. When your speaker can get in front of an audience, you know the results will be positive for your company. However, your speaking engagements are few and far between, leaving you wondering: What is the best way to promote my company’s speaker?

Here are three strategies to land more speaking engagements for your company speaker:

  1. Promote your speaker on social media platforms.

If your company doesn’t have a comprehensive social media strategy, now is the time to get one. Constant Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence is a must. To actively promote your speaker, your company must be active on social media. If no one knows you have a superstar speaker, there is no chance to line up speaking engagements.

  1. Highlight your speaker in company newsletters.

This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your speaker to current and potential clients. Regular newsletters are a great way to keep your base informed. Let them know you have a fantastic speaker who will dazzle their audience while helping them with their business needs.

  1. Email media alerts to selected journalists and media outlets.

The media welcomes knowing that your company speaker is an expert on topics they write about. If they never know about your speaker’s engagements, they will never cover them. Keep them informed and the results will be beneficial.

If you’re struggling to promote your company’s speaker or promote your company in general, it’s time to talk to the experts at Axia Public Relations. Axia offers a program designed to identify and secure speaking engagements for your company. KeyNoteSM provides opportunities for your company speaker to share your message and gain industry credibility. Contact Axia today to learn more or download our guide Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment for more ways to boost your company’s visibility.

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Alan E. Helquist

Alan Helquist is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with extensive experience in copywriting and public speaking. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and passionately writes and speaks on anything from sports to public relations. Alan has been a member of the Axia team since June 2017. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.







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