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Are you delighted with your PR?

By Marjorie Comer


Flowers from a client recognizing great work Flowers from a client recognizing great work


Clients want to see results – it’s a big part of why they’ve hired a PR company. We, as public relations professionals, want to see results, too. It delights our clients and, to be honest, it gets us excited as well. Getting a yes isn’t always a walk in the park.

Whether it’s media relations and media pitching, or securing an award or speaking engagement for a client, you do your research and draft a great pitch. Sometimes you get a no or two – or 10 – and you try, try again. A pitch that may work great for one market or industry may not work for another market or another outlet. And for every 10 nos that you get, you might get one yes. Or you might have to try 50 times for the one yes.

I can tell you from experience that the one yes (followed by other yeses) can be the biggest confidence boost for yourself and your client. It reinforces some of the many reasons why they’ve hired you and builds momentum for future work.

Sharing your enthusiasm with your team and your client when you get a big win is a key part of any PR program. Sharing and enjoying the successes with your client creates a stronger relationship and bond.

We’ve had several big wins for clients and had some great news and social media coverage. This includes a retweet and comment back from a reporter at a national magazine in response to a web article for a national outlet receiving more than 30,000 page views within hours of going live. It is exciting to get that exposure for a client. It’s even better when a client is just as pleased with the PR team’s hard work and dedication to the account.

Sometimes clients show you how much they appreciate the coverage they received and they recognize their account team’s hard work. And when they do, it can be even more rewarding than the yes you received from a reporter, because actions do speak louder than words and you know that they truly appreciate, understand and believe in the work that you are doing on their behalf.

When something great happens, I’m either jumping up and down in the hallway to get others excited or shedding tears of joy. I’m proud of the work that I do on behalf of our clients. As a team, we do exceptional work for our clients, and when clients are delighted, we know that we have done a job well and can work toward that next big client win. Don’t be surprised if one day you see a video that my co-workers post about my enthusiasm for client results.

If you don’t see this excitement or drive from your PR firm or if yours isn’t delighting you, think of how you can change your path to find a firm that is driven and working toward the same goals as yourself.

Is your company looking to increase its brand awareness and receive media coverage that will impress your customers and boost your employees’ excitement? Contact Axia Public Relations and let us delight you, too.

Marjorie-Comer-axia-pr– Marjorie Comer is an Account Manager at Axia Public Relations. Marjorie proudly supports her Kansas City sports teams, especially her play-off bound Kansas City Chiefs. She graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication on a media track. Her colleagues nicknamed her the “hammer.” Follow her on Twitter @marjorie_comer.


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