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Capitalize on conversation, local search results to boost your business

By Axia Public Relations

Axia's 60-Second Impact
60 Seconds Of Information Impacting You And Our Fast-Forward Economy


March 2011: 60-Second Impact 


Axia's logo.Harness the rapid pace of the Internet by creating positive customer encounters and landing in the top search results on Google Places. Together, these actions will generate positive conversations about your company and secure its sales growth. 

Estimated Reading Time: 60 Seconds

60 Second Articles: 

  1. Why Word Of Mouth Is More Important Than Buzz

  2. How To Improve Your Chances For A Top Listing on Google Places

  3. The 60-Second Close: Staying A Few Steps Ahead


1. Why Word Of Mouth Is More Important Than Buzz

  • People often use “buzz” and “word of mouth” interchangeably, but buzz typically has a very short life span. The buzz surrounding Super Bowl ads, for example, creates excitement that only lasts about a week. Can you remember at least two of the top 10 commercials that aired during the game in early February?

  • Word of mouth, the most successful and efficient way to increase sales, is a long-term program promoting the way you do business through your customers’ comments. 

  • Word-of-mouth marketing should be an integral part of your company’s public relations plan. Every customer touch point should create an interesting experience that encourages your clients to share their encounters involving your company with others. The more customers speak about you, the more your reputation spreads and sales increase.

2. How To Improve Your Chances For A Top Listing on Google Places 

  • Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, place a heavy focus on "local search," no matter the category to which your business belongs. 

  • Run a Google search for "your concept in <City, State>”, and the first result you'll see is a Google Places listing of five to eight local businesses for that city.

  • Every company aims to be included on that visible part of the list. Most know you must first claim your company’s name on Google, Yahoo and Bing, fill out the forms and cross your fingers.

  • But most don't understand that the search engine algorithm recognizes and puts weight on any geographical information included on your company’s website.

  • Here are three critical tips to give you an advantage in boosting your rank on Google Places: 

  1. When you claim your business, fill out the description with keyword phrases commonly used by those searching the Internet for you. Also, include your address.

  2. Ensure your company’s complete address, including its city, state and ZIP code, is listed in text (not embedded in an image) on your website's home page and on all of your other website pages. Include street intersections, if applicable.

  3. Add an embedded Google Map of your location to your home page.

  4. Insert a geo-meta tag in the header on each page of your website. For help, visit: http://geo-tag.de/generator/en.html


3. The 60-Second Close: Staying A Few Steps Ahead

  • With the Internet and social media making our world much smaller, word of mouth now plays a huge part in your company’s success. Positive and negative comments can circulate among millions of people within seconds.

  • Still, you can control what your customers say about you by encouraging favorable chitchat. Need help in developing a word-of-mouth plan? It’s just one of the many things we do. Need assistance in getting a better position on Google Places? We can help. 

  • We’re here and always one step ahead, so you can stay ahead of your competition. To find out more on how to stay ahead, just call us. We can get you there … faster than ever. 

Best Wishes,


Jason Mudd, APR

Axia Public Relations


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