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Best SEO practices for images

By Axia Public Relations

Implement effective SEO techniques for your website images to reach your target audience with ease.


A camera for taking images.Visuals and graphics are the most integral elements of all websites. Eye-appealing pictures increase web pages’ scroll down rates and keep you hooked to the website for a long time. Images indicate the authenticity and relevance of a web page and significantly helps increase search engine crawls. 


Often, businesses fail to realize the importance of implementing effective search engine optimization methods for their website images and overlook the critical role they tend to play. These techniques, which are often treated as trivial, turn out to be the essential determining factor for increasing the page’s visibility.



Must-follow SEO practices for images

  • Including high-quality images on your website dramatically impacts click rate. SEO techniques sync these high-resolution images with Google search engines and bring the user to your website. 

  • File formats affect the loading time of images on your website and determine user retention on the web page. Selecting the most suitable file format for your pictures is essential for your website’s ranking. JPGs are for static images and PNGs are for custom graphics.

  • Adding the image alt tag makes your website both SEO and ADA compliant. These tags should be descriptive and assist in providing clear information about the image added.

  • Assigning target keywords to image titles help increase your images’s reach and result in higher rankings of your web page.


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Opting for effective SEO techniques for your website images and implementing them correctly can significantly affect your website’s visibility. Our professional team at Axia Public Relations is here to help you make your website completely SEO compliant and reach your target audience. Reach out to us, and book an obligation-free consultation for a free SEO/website consultation. 


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