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Be Legendary

By Jason Mudd

26935574_m-1-612799-editedYou earn your customers’ loyalty through the experiences you offer them. Make sure your company image and your hard-earned ideas and successes aren’t up for grabs. Take a load off and tell us about your best Stones or Deadhead experiences – you can get back to work later.




60-Second Articles:

1. Rock legends: Lessons in customer loyalty

2. Is your intellectual property safe?

3. The 60-Second Close: Chill and chat


1.  Rock legends: Lessons in customer loyalty 

  • Few brands command the loyalty that the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead do. Their concerts continue to sell out, despite neither group having had a recent hit record.

  • What do the Stones and the Dead have that attracts fans to stadiums across the globe? While the major focus is the product – their music – people could easily save their money, stay home and listen to the songs on iTunes.

  • The real reason for attending these concerts is the experience. Without the experience, there’s no excitement, no word of mouth.

  • These legendary groups provide a great corporate lesson: While your product may be great and accessible everywhere, it’s the experience and how it makes your customers feel that will earn their loyalty. Build your experience, build your fan base.


2. Is your intellectual property safe?

  • “Intellectual property” is an umbrella term that encompasses lawful rights for those who own brand names, trademarks, designs, photos, music, taglines, trade secrets and processes.

  • As your business continues to grow not only in sales but in name awareness, it’s critical that you own all of your intellectual property and that it’s protected from unauthorized use by those who want to use your company’s name or website design.

  • Nothing is more damaging to your public relations efforts than a company with your name with a negative review on Yelp.

  • We urge you to take all steps necessary to ensure that your company owns all your online and offline intellectual property.


3. The 60-Second Close: Chill and chat

  • It’s the dog days of summer; let’s take off the business hats for a second and talk rock. We’d love to hear about your favorite Rolling Stones or Grateful Dead experiences. Share them below or contact us. We’ll share ours with you.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of common interests in building great relationships. Call us. We can show you how to get where you’re going – now much faster than ever.


Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations


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Photo Credit: 123rf.com

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