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For Valentine’s Day, Axia sponsors Indonesian student

By Axia Public Relations

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Axia Public Relations is pleased to sponsor a 16-year-old Indonesian student. Oktavia enjoys singing and being in her school band. She aspires to be the top of her class and move to the next grade level. She and her tight-knit family thank Axia for its support.


St. Valentine encouraged love among one another. In that spirit, Axia Public Relations desires to show compassion and love to others while breaking the cycle of childhood poverty through its sponsor partnership with Compassion International.


Axia will provide financial assistance toward Oktavia’s educational, health care, and nutritional needs as well as loving adult care.


Compassion International is a Christ-centered organization that was founded under Biblical principles in 1952. It has secured sponsors for over 1.9 million children in 25 countries through a collaboration with local churches. Compassion International has a long-term, whole-life care approach for each child by encouraging healthy spiritual, physical, social, and economic development throughout a child’s life.


Regional and national companies hire Axia Public Relations for news, social, and web services to build awareness, consideration, and sales for the companies’ experts, products, and services. Axia specializes in construction, professional services, and consumer services companies and franchisors.

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