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Sheri Treadwell Sheri Treadwell is a native Floridian who proudly served in the second Bush Administration. After graduating from the University of Florida, she served the president in several positions as an appointee in the U.S. Department of Commerce. Sheri helped our U.S. businesses grow through exports and expanding American-made products to new markets. Her experience taught her that in a global economy, American businesses do not want a government that is overbearing and constantly changing the rules. Instead, they want one that will be a partner in promoting freedom, stability and growth. When businesses prosper, Americans prosper. Sheri has experience in both the private and public sectors.

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How Chuck E. Cheese’s PR outsmarted McDonald’s

And how your company can too

Your competitor hits a crisis and is facing bad headlines. Good news for you, right? Not necessarily. If you’re going to capitalize, you need a public relations plan and you need one NOW.  A public relations firm that has seen it all can act quickly to help. In this case, McDonald’s hit headlines for all the wrong reasons. When an Arizona mom began swab-testing McDonald’s play areas and finding dangerous pathogens, the fast-food giant banned her from its restaurants. Let’s look at McDonald’s mistakes and how Chuck E. Cheese’s acted smart and fast to take advantage of the crisis.

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