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J. Promise Gainey

J. Promise Gainey

J. Promise Gainey is a public relations student at the University of North Florida. She is bilingual and has completed PR projects in Spain as well as in the United States. Most of her work has been for universities and nonprofits.

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Students today, leaders tomorrow; Axia talks PR at UNF

3 qualities you need for PR success

The public relations game has changed drastically since the introduction of the 24-hour news cycle. It’s no longer sufficient to draft news releases, run campaigns and manage crises. While the methods have changed, the heart of PR remains the same.

Students today will be decision-makers tomorrow. The next generation of PR professionals looks to current leaders to guide it. Axia Public Relations’ CEO Jason Mudd is doing his part to help shape the future of PR. He understands the changing landscape and the importance of blending the old with the new in PR tactics. Joined by other experts at the University of North Florida (UNF), Mudd gave advice on the qualities every PR expert should have.

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