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Ask the Twitter expert

By Becca McClure

A Q&A with a social media expert

Answers from a Twitter expert.

For the “unsocial,” Twitter is a social media platform where users post tweets: messages that must be less than 140 characters. As the fourth most popular social media site (Sorry, Twitter. Instagram took your spot as third, with YouTube as second and Facebook as the most popular social media site), Twitter is a place to find sports updates, local and national news and what’s happening with your family, friends, favorite celebrities and brands. As a social media and community engagement specialist, here are my answers to the five common questions about the channel with more than 315 million users.

  1. Should our company spend money on Twitter ads?

That depends on your goals and target demographics. On Twitter, you decide the objective for your campaign. Is it to gain awareness, gain followers, promote a project, drive people to your website or something else? Unique to Twitter ads, you’re only billed when someone completes the action you chose for your campaign objectives, such as visiting your website or downloading your app.

  1. What are Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics help you understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business. You’ll find metrics, statistics and audience insights. Make sure you turn on this valuable tool for your company’s Twitter profile.

  1. When is the best time to publish to Twitter?

Mondays through Fridays from noon to 3 p.m. are high volume times on Twitter. Play around with the different times you publish to Twitter, and take note of the times you receive the most impressions. When you’re responding to and engaging with your followers, there’s no better time than the present. Responding quickly increases engagement. And Twitter moves quickly!

  1. How often should our company be publishing to Twitter?

According to social media software Buffer, three tweets a day is the most you should share before engagement drops. According to marketing automation software HubSpot, it depends on your company’s industry. Industry aside, HubSpot suggests tweeting a minimum of five times per day, while suggesting there is no daily maximum. Start tweeting, and test what works best for your company.

  1. Hashtags. Should our company be using them? How many should we use? Where do we find the best ones?

Okay, that’s three questions in one, and that’s OK! Your company should definitely be using hashtags, especially because they’re native to Twitter. According to Scott Levy in his book, Tweet Naked, tweets that use hashtags see twice as much engagement as tweets without hashtags. Look to the left of your Twitter feed to keep tabs on the “Trends for you” section. Twitter tailors these trends to your profile and therefore likely your industry. When a hashtag pops up that’s relevant to your company, use it in your next tweet!

Growing your Twitter following is challenging – and rewarding – especially when you’re trying to convey your key messages in 140 characters or less. As industry experts, Axia Public Relations can manage your social media profiles and efficiently engage your target audiences to get you the visibility boost you want. Learn more about our social media services to start engaging with your current and prospective customers.

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