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Are you a superstar in your field?

By Lisa Goldsberry

sb10067337y-001What you can learn about PR and media from LeBron James

So LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. Whether or not you agree with this decision, you have to be awed by his 40-million-dollar payday. 

Many say there are other players who are just as good as James but aren’t pulling in nearly that amount in salary or endorsements. The difference may be that intangible quality called “star power.” Some have it and the rest just orbit in their shadow.

In business, the same principles seem to apply. People know the names John Deere, Wal-Mart, Apple and Pepsi. Do they know yours?

When the name of your company or that of your CEO rolls off the tongue of your average consumer, you are considered a brand superstar. Achieving this status may not be easy to manage, but with the right PR and media tactics, you can be well on your way to surpassing the competition.

How to begin your journey to becoming a megastar of your industry

You should begin by establishing trust in your company. You can accomplish this through a culture of accountability, openness and even corporate social responsibility.

When customers trust you, they are more likely to choose your company over a competitor since, with you, they know what to expect. For example, people typically choose McDonalds over its competitors because they know the food will taste exactly the same as the last time they visited a McDonald’s. When people buy tools from Sears, they know that the quality and durability will be beyond reproach.

What superstar recognition can mean for your company

No one ever asks for an adhesive bandage or a cotton swab. Other than Band-Aid brand and Q-tips, most Americans would be hard pressed to name a different company that provides those same products. Welcome to the world of superstar brand recognition. With this achievement come numerous benefits including:

  • Additional clients and profits gained from increased name recognition

  • Customers’ trust

  • The ability to attract the best and brightest employees

  • Consumers have an emotional attachment to your product, generating more customer loyalty.

Use PR to help

While you might be holding your own against the competition, being a brand superstar will help you far surpass them. Of course, you have to start by having a good product or service that the public wants.

Conduct research to learn what the public really wants and fill that niche before anyone else does.

Become a thought-leader in your industry so that people see you as the go-to company not only for purchases but for information they can trust. To do this, take advantage of blogging opportunities and public speaking engagements and make yourself available for media interviews.

Craft clear, concise messages that explain who you are, your strengths and what you stand for; in other words, assert a definitive, unique brand identity. Answer this question: What makes us special? Once you have a satisfactory response, stick to it. This must be something you ask and work toward every day as part of your core mission.

Strive for earned media placements. It is the equivalent of independent sources saying how great you are.

Make PR a major component of your overall strategic plan. This will ensure that someone, whether in-house or a PR agency, is always thinking about promotion, brand building and stakeholder relationships, which you must incorporate into every aspect of your mission.

At Axia, we produce award-winning campaigns that will help you stand out from the rest. Acting as your trusted partner and advisor, we will use smart, inventive tactics to put your company on the map so you can find the right road to superstardom. Sign up today for our no-obligation 60-Second Impact program to learn what we can do for you.

Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter at @axiapr.

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