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Five quick ways to curate industry content for your blog

By Axia Public Relations

Here are the smartest content curation hacks to supercharge your marketing efforts.


Content Concept on Laptop ScreenCreating fresh and valuable content is an organic way to increase engagement. And so to make your company relevant and approachable, you must discover trending industry topics and strategize a well-rounded marketing plan. 


Content curation is a continuous process and can become tedious without the right content curation strategies. To be impactful, you need to retrieve content in effective and well-aligned ways. Keeping that in mind, let’s learn some quick content curation hacks



     1. Be involved with social media updates

Social media is the key to relevant content. Connect with your industry-related audience on different platforms to stay in the loop with highlights and trends. Hashtags are a great way to stay updated. Follow industry experts and leaders for deeper insights into content strategies.


     2. Repurpose your content

Creating new content consistently is a requirement, and before you do that, use your existing content to its greatest potential. Don’t just make a piece, post it, and switch to a new creation. Repurpose it in multiple formats for different platforms. A blog’s content can be framed as an infographic, a social media post series, or a short video. Utilize it to its complete capacity.


     3. Track your industry with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has established itself as a platform that enables constant touch with industry updates. It has a vast pool of professionals and experts who have strong opinions on everything that’s going around. You can also find industry-centric articles that will help you generate content ideas.


     4. Participate actively in industry forums

Involvement in one's user base makes industry forums interactive. Consumers talk about their problems and get solutions in real-time. Pick up their pain points, and create a blog offering solutions. Be a Better Blogger suggests using the problem-solution content method to get more people to read your blog.


     5. Set Google Alerts to stay updated

To stay connected with what people are blogging about, set Google Alerts for industry-specific keywords. Every time a blog is published, the system will notify you. Learn how to do it here.


At Axia Public Relations, our content team goes by innovative, industry-tested strategies to curate content and drive leads. If you need help with content management, reach out to our public relations company today for expert blogging services.


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