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4 reasons why you should add videos to your blog

By Jacob McKimm

bigstock-technology-internet-and-video-56983175-459047-editedConnect with more people with video summaries

One of the best ways to engage with consumers is through the use of visuals – especially videos. A video summary is a video that recaps the content of a written article. More and more websites are using them to connect with audiences. Adding video summaries to your written content is another way to connect with and engage your audience. We compiled a list of four reasons why video summaries are an exceptional addition to your blog posts, website and even newsletters.

1. Videos get to the point quickly.

Not everyone has the time to read through an article. Some may just want a quick summary that doesn’t require them to scroll down and spend time reading. With a video summary, you can give these busy readers the most important parts of an article or blog post without making them spend time reading. More people watching means more people are enjoying the content your company provides.

2. Videos are a great way to add visuals to your posts.

Sometimes, you need a visual in order to really illustrate the point of an article. With a video summary, you help the reader visualize something that an article discussed and it tends to make the topic more relatable. Videos are also used to show off features that would be impossible to convey with a still picture, such as the way an object moves or where a product component is located in relation to the rest of a product’s layout.

3. Certain types of learners connect with videos best.

Not everyone enjoys learning by simply reading text; not everyone absorbs information well that way. With an article that’s just text, you may lose consumers who would otherwise be receptive to your message, meaning you’ve lost a potential customer. With a summary video, you can appeal to different types of learners so that you get more people taking in your message, which can translate to more people following you and willing to purchase something from you. By including a summary video with your article, audial learners can also relate to your message when they hear the speaker, and visual learners can see moving examples or demonstrations of what the article is about.

4. Videos help make the article more relatable.

A video is a great opportunity to make your company more relatable. When a consumer sees and hears the narrator speaking and moving around while discussing the topic at hand, it lets her put a face on the content, making it easier to relate to and more memorable than text alone could be. An audience that can relate to the content is more likely to stick around and engage with your company.

Video summaries are excellent tools for engaging with more customers than a single written article does. This doesn’t mean you should neglect or slack off on your written articles; they’re still important for those who prefer to read and for Google rankings. However, videos do attract more visitors to your site and allow them to better connect with your company, and that’s what matters.

For more information on how to create a video summary, visit this page.

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McKimm_Jacob-1Jacob McKimm is currently studying marketing at Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduates in 2015.






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