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4 reasons why marketing departments HATE media pitching

By Yulia Dianova

Why PR professionals are more effective at media relations than marketers

Marketing departments and media pitching isn't a good combo.

Companies use media relations as a means of reaching their important audiences. This is a great strategy. Stories that appear in the media are highly credible and reach large audiences effectively at no expense.

It’s a fact that public relations professionals are more successful in building relationships with the media and getting news coverage than their marketing counterparts. Why do marketing professionals hate pitching the media?

1. You can’t control the media.

In public relations, unlike advertising, you have no control over what the media publishes. Once you send your story to media representatives, they decide what they’re going to do with it, including making edits and changes before they publish it. Marketers are more accustomed to content they can fully control: advertising. When you advertise, you pay for the media outlet to publish your content just the way you want it.

2. It’s a long-term commitment.

Building media relations usually takes time. It’s a long-term commitment between a public relations professional and a journalist. Your company becomes a reliable source of information for the media representative, earning his or her trust over time. Sooner or later the journalist will publish your material, giving your organization the publicity it deserves.

3. You must comply with the media rules.

When you work with journalists, you follow their timing and their deadlines. Sometimes they conflict with your own deadlines and other life events. PR professionals recognize and allow for the importance of timing and deadlines for getting their clients coverage.

4. You must create content that interests your target audiences.

Journalists usually choose content that’s interesting to their readers. You have to create authentic, high quality content that’s valuable to your target audience – not your company – in order for it to receive media coverage. PR professionals are experts in researching, writing and angling their content so that it serves their publics’ needs.

Marketing and PR departments are working toward the same goals, with their clearly divided functions and roles. Both entities are critical to your company’s growth. Public relations has always been more successful in building mutually beneficial relationships with the media, based on trust and respect.

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