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4 proven ways working with influencers will strengthen your leadership status

By Yulia Dianova

51914550_s.jpgEngage with the right audience to become an expert in your field

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where you build relationships with powerful people in your industry, thus creating visibility for your product or service. This approach focuses on individual people who can influence many other people far better than any advertising or content marketing you can produce. The audience sees these influencers as trusted sources of information. If you and the influencer are a good fit, some of his or her followers might join your audience as well.

Does working with a thought leader hurt your own leadership status? Not at all! Developing a connection with a thought leader in your niche will contribute to your leadership. Here is why:

  1. You will increase your network.

When you follow an influencer, you will connect with people who are interested in the same content you are. Building connections with people in your niche will bring you new business prospects and ultimately grow your business.

  1. Your target audience will see you.

When you have an active, consistent and focused presence within your influencer’s following, your brand will get noticed and recognized by other people in that audience.

  1. You will be on trend.

When you contribute your content and add to a discussion with an influencer, you will be in a viral moment. Influencer topics and keywords associated with them are always on trend. Your brand’s visibility will increase just by being connected to the viral topic.

  1. You will be considered an expert.

If you add valuable content to the influencer’s discussion, and if you are helpful to his or her community, you will be viewed as an expert in your niche. This will be especially true if the influencer acknowledges his or her approval of you.

Connecting to a thought leader in your industry will not hurt your leadership. In fact, it will contribute to it by elevating your expert status, bringing you new business leads and allowing you to have a say in the hottest topics across the internet.

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Yulia.jpgYulia Dianova is a public relations professional who is skilled in building relationships with target audiences. She provides counsel to organizations that seek PR help to further their growth and reach their goals. Yulia earned a master’s degree in public relations management from University of Maryland University College. She is fluent in Russian and English and is always looking for a new challenge. Yulia has worked for Axia Public Relations since July 2015. Learn more about Yulia Dianova. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.



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