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3 ways you can manage PR like McDonald’s

By Natalie Fernandez

3024924_952bee2f-607532-editedWays to use PR to grow your company

McDonald’s is one of the largest chains of fast food restaurants in the world. Founder Ray Kroc had the idea to create McDonald’s in 1954 when he visited a San Bernardino, Calif. restaurant. A year later, Kroc started the popular fast food chain and it only required three years for McDonald’s to sell its 100 millionth hamburger. Today, the company has about 35,000 restaurants worldwide in 119 countries, serving about 68 million guests per day. How did it get so successful? A well-managed PR strategy.

Joe Chabus, regional communications director at McDonald’s, recently presented the franchisor's PR structure and upcoming enhancements, including the new all-day breakfast. He shared some of the PR tactics McDonald’s uses to achieve growth.

While your company might not be as large as McDonald’s, your public relations department can learn from their processes and experiences.

In fact, here are three ways McDonald’s uses PR that you can use at your company:

1. Create an intriguing event.

Host a large event open to the public, like a grand opening, that will attract the local community. Reach out to different media outlets to inform them about the event. During the event, give away popular items like food or drinks. This will attract many people and will motivate them to stop by.

When introducing its new all-day breakfast, McDonald’s hosted an all-day breakfast event, giving away free breakfast to the public. Reaching out to a variety of media outlets gives your company a chance to receive wide media coverage. A news story can create free, positive publicity.

2. Rebrand the company.

Change isn’t always bad and it can often please many people. Try creating something new or adding an item to your company’s menu of food, products and services. Listen to your customer reviews. They matter because your customers keep you in business.

McDonald’s is not only making the all-day breakfast work, it is also inventing a new product called “create your taste” where McDonald’s customers can create their own burgers, salads, desserts, etc. This increases McDonald’s customer base and its brand following.

3. Use the three-legged stool system.

Maintaining a successful company and brand can be difficult if it’s not managed actively and properly. While building a successful business takes time, money and a staff to help run it, your company should recognize that creating a system is also an important aspect to consider. When systematizing your company, you should include the main areas that support the company.

Chabus explained that McDonald’s “three-legged stool system” is critical. Like a stool, the company can only stand strong with all three legs. The first leg represents the employees, the second leg represents the owners (the franchisees) and the third leg represents McDonald’s supplier partners. Every leg supports the weight of the company and without the legs, the company could fail.

As you grow your company, it’s important to keep in mind the methods outlined above. Using McDonald’s steps to success can improve your company’s brand and build your reputation.

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