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3 ways to increase engagement on your business’ LinkedIn page

By Jacob McKimm

43486953_sKeep your LinkedIn page active

In the past, people treated LinkedIn simply as a tool for professionals to network with each other. Times are changing. Business pages are now important tools for sharing news about a company and for attracting professionals – as supporters, employees or potential employees – to the company.

Getting people to like and engage with your business’ LinkedIn profile is easily as important as it is to interact with people on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Here are three tips that will help your businesses’ LinkedIn account attract the activity you desire:

1. Make sure your profile features keywords associated with your company.

LinkedIn lets companies go in-depth when it comes to discussing who they are, where they are and what they do. This is an excellent opportunity to list plenty of keywords you’d like associated with your company’s name.

Adding a lot of keywords to your company’s description makes it easier for people to find your page on LinkedIn. The more people find a businesses’ LinkedIn page, the more engagement that page generates. By having a large set of keywords associated with you, the likelihood of someone discovering your page is far greater than if you barely had any keywords in your description.

For example, the odds of someone finding your company on LinkedIn are much higher if they can find you by searching for terms like “local music company,” “music and digital media,” “music mixing” or “music percussion store,” not just “music.”

However – and this is important – don’t just throw all of the keywords you can think of onto your profile. The net you cast should only stretch as far as your actual business purview. No one landing on your music business’ page only because you included car mechanic-related keywords is going to just change his mind and start browsing your services while his engine continues to splutter. He’ll just get angry that you misled him.

2. Use targeted content to reach specific groups when you need to.

LinkedIn has one major advantage over other social media platforms: It lets you target specific groups – such as users in a specific geographic region or those with the type of job you are currently looking to hire – when posting an update on LinkedIn. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach specific professional groups and get them more engaged on your LinkedIn business page.

If your company created content, like a blog post, that only a certain group of subscribers would enjoy, you can specify that only people within a certain category (based on type of employment, for example) would be able to see the content you posted. That way, you can ensure that it reaches the right audience instead of letting it get buried among the other updates your company is sharing.

3. Links and visual content are key.

When creating updates for your business’ LinkedIn page, it is important to add a link to the content as well as a visual media component.

A link is a call to action that invites readers to further engage with your company. When you include a link, users go to your site and may continue browsing it. If you just post everything in your status update, they’ll read the update without further engagement and move on with their lives.

Visual media is what initially attracts users’ attention to your update. A good image related to the content says, “Hey, check out this content that might be relevant to you!” LinkedIn reports that updates with images in them have a 98 percent higher comment rate, which means much more engagement for you.

These three tips should prove very helpful when trying to bring in activity for your LinkedIn business page. People engaging with your page means more opportunities for you – such as lucrative prospects wanting to work with your company and highly qualified job-seekers interested in securing employment with you – so making sure people stay active on it is a huge benefit to your company.

If you’d like to learn more about how to effectively manage your LinkedIn and other social media accounts, download our e-book The Essential Social Media Management Guide.

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McKimm_JacobJacob McKimm is currently studying marketing at Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduates in 2015.






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