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3 ways to connect with news media to get earned media

By Yulia Dianova

nordwood-themes-359015-unsplashHow to reach out to journalists

If you remember the world before social media, then you know that back then, to stay connected meant to be in touch personally. Being connected meant sharing experiences and activities together.

The concept of staying in touch is broader in today’s digital world. It doesn’t require personal face-to-face effort anymore. We have tools like social media and email that allow us to be in touch with family, friends, and colleagues around the world.

Social networks allow us to effortlessly connect with people. It’s critical for your company to stay connected with its audiences, and that includes journalists for media relations.


Here are three ways you can connect with the news media.


1. Be engaged on social media.

Social media platforms are a great source for journalists to find new material; it’s also where they post their updates. If you follow reporters on social media, you’ll have insight to the type of stories they want. You’ll learn what topics are popular with them and what’s no longer on their radar. They might also share their personal milestones, and you’ll be able to congratulate them on important events in their lives (engagement, new baby, etc.).


2. Try email marketing.

Following journalists on social media is beneficial; however, to get more personal, you can craft customized email marketing campaigns. Stay connected by sending reporters personalized emails about key company events, new launches, and major changes.


3. Use Facebook messenger.

Sending journalists personalized messages through a messenger bot is a great way to stay connected in real time. The bot sends updates that prompt a response from recipients. This  gets journalists to notice your company and interact.


Connecting with target audiences and keeping them updated is easy today. Use social media, automated email marketing campaigns, and Facebook messenger to keep reporters informed about your company’s news.

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