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What to do when a journalist isn’t publishing your story

By Alan Helquist

Contacting a journalist if your story isn't going out isn't bad; just do it right.

3 tips for following up and staying on the radar

Your company has a great story, and you want to share it. You take the proper steps to deliver it to journalists, and then you wait patiently for them to publish it. And … nothing happens. What do you do when journalists aren’t publishing your story?

Here are three tips for following up with journalists:

  1. Send a polite email or make a polite phone call.

Depending on your relationship with the reporter, either call or send an email asking when the story will be published. You can gauge the journalist’s interest in your story while letting him or her know you’re just staying in touch. There’s nothing wrong with a polite call or email to stay on a reporter’s radar.

  1. Offer to help journalists.

Journalists are extremely busy, and their top priority may not be your story. Don’t be afraid to offer your help to make sure they’re getting everything they need. Be a resource for reporters. Find out what kinds of stories they’re looking for. Follow and share their content on social media. Help them often enough, and journalists will begin reaching out to you for stories.

  1. Send a final communication if you’re getting no response.

If you’ve followed up with polite phone calls or emails and you’re still getting no response, it’s time to send a final communication. It’s a simple way to let a reporter know you’re moving on with your story – that you’re going to share with other media outlets if you don’t hear back. Be polite and let the journalist know you would like to work together in the future.

After you’ve sent your company’s news story to a journalist, be sure to make a follow-up call or send a quick email with an offer to help. This will be mutually beneficial and help you cultivate lasting relationships with journalists, whether they publish your story or not. Download Axia Public Relations’ complimentary guide Learn Media Relations from the Media today to maximize your relationship with journalists.

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Alan E. Helquist

Alan Helquist is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with extensive experience in copywriting and public speaking. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and passionately writes and speaks on anything from sports to public relations. Alan has been a member of the Axia team since June 2017. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.







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