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3 things you should know about inbound marketing

By Marjorie Comer

Axia Public Relations teaches you how to market efficiently and effectively in its new inbound marketing book


Business leads are what keep a company growing. As your leads dwindle, so do sales. Some companies are still pushing their messages out in order to bring customers in, and it isn’t working. Perhaps you’ve realized that your online presence is static – that your company isn’t achieving the results it seeks – and you want to do something different. What else is out there?

Inbound marketing

One effective method of reaching customers is through inbound marketing. This method uses the internet to connect consumers with your company, products and services by distributing compelling content that attracts prospective customers to your website and your brand. You’re appealing to prospects that fit your needs – not just random people who probably won’t become customers.

If you aren’t familiar with inbound marketing, you’re in luck. Axia Public Relations created an e-book on inbound marketing and the benefits of using it for your company. Here are three things you’ll learn about inbound marketing from our newest e-book:

1. Old-fashioned cold calling and pushy sales are outdated.

Many companies are still doing marketing the old way. They’re using traditional marketing methods like advertising, cold calling, direct mail and email blasts that most consumers find disruptive. Today, consumers use caller ID and spam filtering to avoid these intrusions. Axia’s book teaches you how to connect with your target audiences who want to hear about your products and services.

2. You should keep your audience interested.

Learn about creating the right content, choosing the right channels and reaching your prospects at the right time. The inbound marketing strategies help you reach consumers in an effective manner. The methods keep consumers’ attention through attracting, converting, closing and delighting them with relevant and interesting content (blogging, social media, landing pages, following workflows and surveys).

3. Continued marketing increases your online traffic.

Did you know your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop simply because you converted a lead into a customer? You should re-evaluate your business goals, current target audiences, search engine optimization plans – and even the way you’re using social media to share your content and move those consumers from social media to your website.

The methodology that shapes inbound marketing is one of the best ways to convert potential customers into real customers and natural promoters of your company. It continues to gain momentum, which means now is the time to try inbound marketing. Download Axia’s e-book Inbound Marketing: Your Guide to Increasing Online Traffic, Attracting Leads and Converting Customers Effectively to learn more about inbound marketing and how to best utilize this technique for your company.

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marjorie-comer-axia-pr.jpgClients love Marjorie’s work ethic, speed and diligence. She has worked with Axia Public Relations since October 2011. Marjorie graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and loves to cheer for her hometown Kansas City Royals. Learn more about Marjorie.


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