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3 secrets to getting more Facebook page likes

By Becca McClure

15870574355_deb464c9e5_b-789655-edited.jpgWhen people “like” your company’s Facebook page, it means they want to receive the information your company has to offer – whether it’s deals and specials, interesting content or other resources. They’re probably a fan, a customer or an employee, and they like your brand. As a social media manager, gaining page likes is an important objective. Clients enjoy seeing their page growth, and it’s often a benchmark for your social media output.

Here are three ways you can increase the number of page likes for your company or clients:

  1. Invite people who liked your post to also like your page.
    Simply click on the number of likes under any post on your page. You get a list of every user who liked the post, and, on the right of each user’s name, you can see a button that shows if the user already liked your page. If a user hasn’t done so yet, you can invite him or her by clicking the “Invite” button.


  1. Use an extension to invite people to like your Facebook page.
    An extension such as Facebook Fan Inviter Post automatically opens every post or photo (fan/business pages) and invites everyone who liked a post to like your page. Purchase and download the extension, then go to the “Posts” tab on your Facebook page and click on the extension to begin scanning your page. Note, the first time you use the extension, it could take a few hours to scan all of the posts on your page. It’s worth it!


  1. Create an ad with “Engagement” as your marketing objective.
    Selecting “Engagement” gets more page likes, event responses or offer claims for your company.


Once you have likes on your page, it’s time to increase your engagement with your followers. As industry experts, Axia Public Relations can manage your social media profiles and efficiently engage your target audiences to get you the visibility boost you want. Learn more about our social media services to start engaging with your current and prospective customers.

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becca-final.jpgBecca McClure is a passionate public relations professional who works on various client social media accounts and public relations campaigns. Clients love her infectious positive attitude and her strong work ethic. Becca joined the Axia Public Relations team in February 2016. Learn more about Becca McClure. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.







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