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3 reasons why social media is so hard

By Becca McClure

benjamin-sow-744448-unsplash (1)Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks are continuously pushing out updates, making enhancements, and moving things around. This makes it difficult for social media marketers, managers, and users to keep up. Algorithms are ever-changing, genuine engagement is harder to obtain, and companies are struggling to adapt.

While this makes social media life challenging for marketers, in our experience, there are three additional reasons why you’re really making social media harder on yourself.

1. You’re doing it all wrong.

You’re posting too much, or you aren't posting at all. We recommend choosing quality posts over a quantity of posts, which actually increases engagement. Consider spending time defining your target audience and creating posts relevant to the people in that group. Revisit your content calendar and be sure your posts are timely and relevant to your audience.

2. You’re talking to yourself.

If you aren’t boosting your company’s social media posts, you’re just talking to yourself. Many industry analysts agree that organic reach for company Facebook pages is now as low as 2 percent, and some speculate it’s even lower (without sponsoring those posts). At Axia Public Relations, we recommend all our clients – and anyone managing social media for a company – have a dedicated budget for boosting posts.

3. Your company and its voice aren’t as interesting as you think.

Celebrating your company’s anniversary? Congratulations! That’s really exciting. Consider, though, that it’s not as exciting for someone who isn’t an employee or a customer. The fact is, your customers might not even care. Remember the 10 elements of news and newsworthiness, and think about whether you’re adding value for your current and prospective customers before publishing news on social media.

Developing a distinct, consistent voice for your company is important. Make sure it’s interesting, and that it represents your company well. This pertains to your copy, your content, and your edge. Look at brands who excel at this, like Apple or Tesla.

As shared media experts, Axia’s team can help your company develop a social media strategy that grows your business and establishes your company as a thought-leader in your industry. Learn more about our social media services and how we create content that resonates with your target audiences.

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IMG_3217Becca McClure is a passionate public relations professional who works on various client social media accounts and public relations campaigns. Clients love her infectious positive attitude and her strong work ethic. Becca joined the Axia Public Relations team in February 2016. Learn more about Becca McClure.

Featured photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

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