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Why your company needs inbound marketing web design

By Beverly Driskill

If your web design company has never heard of inbound marketing, it might be time to find a new one

54818733_sSince HubSpot’s creation of inbound marketing in 2005, the approach has grown immensely in popularity as an effective way to increase your customer base. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in the buyer’s journey. Although the primary purpose of an inbound marketing website is to nurture leads, it also uses technology to maintain a digital presence on the web and strategies that encourage potential customers by creating content they prefer to use.

Inbound marketing serves to attract, convert, close, and delight your audiences by delivering content that addresses their needs and timelines. Inbound marketing focuses on better understanding your buyer personas so that you meet your audiences’ needs with solutions offered through strategic, targeted content. Here’s a look into how you can utilize inbound marketing strategies to create an impactful website design for your company.



One of the most essential parts of maintaining your online presence is the content you produce. Because inbound marketing focuses on producing targeted content, your website design should focus on how to place content to attract customers. Whether through your company’s blog or social media, your content should be engaging and simple to navigate, making it easy for readers to understand your message.



Providing a variety of offers throughout your content helps boost your online traffic. This is where understanding your buyer personas comes into play. By understanding your customers, you can place offers throughout your website that will appeal to them. Use testimonials, blogs, imagery, and videos as well as newsletters, webinars, and e-books to place offers that will pique visitors’ interest.


White space

White space is the area of your website that is without images or content. These blank spaces give viewers visual breaks when processing information. One of the most important things to remember is that empty space is not always wasted space. White space helps minimize distractions and makes it easier for your visitors to focus. White space also helps break up a layout or group particular things together to create a sense of balance and sophistication. Incorporating white space throughout your website helps ensure that your visitors stay intrigued.


Call to action

One of the main focuses of inbound marketing is turning visitors into leads. The best way to do that is to provide calls to action on the pages of your website so that visitors have a clear understanding of what the next step is. A complex website creates the issue of users having too much to read, making their visit to your site a confusing and, therefore, short one. The best inbound marketing web design makes visitors want to stay on your page.


When you mix quality content with outstanding design, you’re sure to see positive results. Design is valuable and helps bring out the best of what your content has to offer. Through fresh and valuable content, easy-to-understand language, and a simple, uncluttered design, you help site visitors find the right information. Inbound marketing web design allows users to access the content that is most relevant to them and clearly shows how they can take the next step with your company.


When designing or redesigning your company’s website, consider implementing inbound marketing. Axia Public Relations designs and develops websites for companies that help turn their target audiences into customers and promoters. Learn more about inbound marketing by watching this HubSpot demo or download Axia’s e-book “Inbound Marketing: Your Guide to Increasing Online Traffic, Attracting Leads and Converting Customers Effectively today.

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BeverlyBeverly Driskill is a senior at the University of North Florida working toward a Bachelor of Science in public relations.


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Topics: inbound marketing, web design & development, owned media

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