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Top 5 rules for writing great blog posts

By Lisa Goldsberry

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Today, everyone is talking about the benefits and impact of having a blog. However, very little discussion addresses how to write great blog posts.

Just having a blog is only half the equation. There are various rules you should follow to make it great, and PR can lead the way.

Rule #1: Know who you’re writing for

You wouldn’t write a post entitled “Tax tips for depreciation recapture” for teenage readers. Even if you did, you’d have to write it so they could understand it; otherwise, you’d be wasting everyone’s time. The point is: A blog is meaningless if it’s written for the wrong audience. The wrong audience is the one that isn’t yours.

If you need to find interesting topics, look no further than your customers and target audiences. A bit of research is all it would take to learn what they’re curious about and how you can add value to their lives. You can use your blog to deliver information about exciting things happening in your industry or offer tips on how to solve a problem your ideal customer might be facing.

Your blog should be related to your industry, but don’t make it a sales pitch. For example, if your company makes medical products, you could write about important health care issues or tips on staying healthy while traveling. These are the kinds of things that someone who purchases health-related products might find interesting.

Rule #2: Remember that headlines and images are important

Think of the last article you read. What made you want to read it? Chances are it was a catchy headline or an intriguing image.

The headline should be descriptive, honest and summarize what readers will find in the article. Any corresponding images should be compelling, appealing and help tell the story.

Rule #3: “Blog” is not another word for “advertisement”

Some companies use their blogs as just another vehicle to sell their products. They fill post after post discussing features and where you can go to make a purchase. This amounts to nothing more than an advertisement poorly disguised as an article.

It’s important to see the big picture and realize that you don’t have to continuously push your product on people in order to make a sale. There are other ways to present information and attract attention.

Rule #4: Don’t use your blog simply to try to trick search engines.

When you read what some companies try to pass off as a blog, you may wonder why it didn’t land in your spam folder. Others are so jam-packed with keywords and links that they barely make sense.

Of course, all companies want to appear at the top of relevant searches, but deception and word-baiting aren’t the way to do it. In fact, Google has become wise to these tricks and penalizes anyone who attempts them.

It will serve you better to just write the kind of article you would like to read. If you do it well, the keywords will come naturally. Having a terrific article that gets people talking is its own reward.

Rule #5: Hire the right PR firm to help you

All of these tips can be a lot to remember. In addition, you likely already have your hands full trying to grow your business and don’t have a lot of time to spend getting your blog just right. That’s where the right PR agency can help.

At Axia Public Relations, our experts can help you create entertaining blog posts that increase your visibility and get results. Contact us today or register for our 60-Second Impact for additional tools and tips to make your business even more profitable.

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Lisa-G-Color-SMLisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter
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