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The importance of doing business the human way

By Amide Jean

How to provide value and build trust through inbound marketing


People on a desk.Earning an inbound certification from HubSpot can help you gain a better understanding of how helping customers in a meaningful way can benefit your company. The course is free and packed with a wealth of information, yet simple to digest.





Inbound is a philosophy based on sharing your knowledge with the world. It’s a state of mind that focuses on empowering your customers and building relationships through conversations with them – not at them. 


To apply the philosophy, it’s important to understand the inbound methodology, which consists of three stages: attract, engage, and delight.


     1. Attract
Attract prospects and customers through relevant and helpful content.

     2. Engage
Sell by taking the opportunity to solve problems for prospective clients, instead of telling them what makes you different from your competitor.

     3. Delight
Be committed to providing an outstanding experience every time a customer or prospect engages with your company.


Inbound is based on these four fundamental principles:

  1. Standardize – to build trust and confidence
  2. Personalize – to create individual impact
  3. Optimize – for clarity
  4. Empathize – for perspective


These three stages and four principles will help grow a company that provides value and builds trust with customers and prospective customers through the acknowledgment that they’re people with valid emotions.


As public relations experts, Axia is serious about delighting clients. Download our complimentary inbound marketing guide to learn more about the inbound strategy.

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Amide Jean is a spring intern at Axia Public Relations and a communication student studying at the University of North Florida. She is detail-oriented and passionate about exceeding expectations and goals. Amide joined Axia in January 2020.

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