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Specialized Public Relations: Why hiring a niche PR firm is a bad idea


If you think hiring a PR firm that specializes in your industry is the best way to promote your company, think again.

Hiring a PR firm is almost always a good idea, especially if a company is launching a new product or service, expanding and adding new locations or promoting a major event.

Choosing the right PR firm can be difficult. There are many things to consider, but if the question is whether you need to hire a specialized public relations firm that is focused on your industry, the answer is no.

Why hiring a specialized PR firm is a bad idea:

1. They probably represent your competitors.

If a PR firm specializes in one area, chances are it is representing your competitors. It is also likely employing the same tactics for all its clients. How will your business stand out? Specialized PR firms may also lack access to national media, which could narrow your exposure to your target market.

2. They bombard the media.

Because specialized PR firms handle only specific types of businesses, the same will also be said for the journalists with whom they keep in contact. By working within such a small window, these firms tend to overwhelm industry journalists with pitches and news releases from their clients. With hundreds of similar stories being pitched to them every day, it can be very easy for journalists to overlook your company’s story.

3. They lack diverse experience.

When a PR firm narrows its approach to a specific industry, it also narrows its experience and knowledge base. A firm that has handled a crisis situation for a food industry client will likely have gained knowledge it can apply as it promotes a manufacturing firm or an insurance agency. New ways to reach potential clients for a law firm can often be applied to mortgage companies or even tech startups. A PR firm should have a broad knowledge base and experience in many industries if it hopes to develop the ability to handle any situation.

When you decide to hire a PR firm, look for one with a broad range of experience and it will better your chances of success.

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