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PR Tip: Ride Out The Recession With Real Strategies


Don’t panic and look to quick fixes. The best way to beat the recession is to be proactive: create a plan for winning, long-term business strategies.

1. Building Your Sales With Steroids? Not A Good Idea

    • Many businesses are trying to salvage their sales by taking “steroids” those quick-fix cures commonly known as coupons and discounting. These might spike your sales temporarily, but they have harmful effects on your profits.


    • Viewed as a lazy marketing alternative, steroids are proven to have no positive effects at building your business over the long term.


2. Why It’s Important To Win: Nobody Remembers The Losers

    • The first step to beating the recession is to have a desire to win. Do you have a winning game plan in place that solidifies you as the best in your business category?


    • If not, the odds of winning the battle in your business sector might weigh heavily against you. Nobody remembers the losing Super Bowl team.


3. The Easiest Way To Make Your Web Site More Readable: Use Verdana

    • Is your Web site easy to read? The best practice for website readability, according to www.Webaim.org, is to use fonts with styles of letters that are “friendly.”


    • “Verdana is one of the most popular of the fonts designed for on-screen viewing. It has a simple, straightforward design, and the characters are not easily confused. For example, the upper-case "I" and the lower-case "L" have unique shapes, unlike Arial, in which the two letters may be easily confused.”


    • Go over all of the copy on your Web site and take our recommendation — use Verdana as your font of choice.


4. The 60 Second Close: It’s Your Call — Hunker Down Or Touchdown

    • The worst you can do during this tough economy is to hunker down and sit it out. We strongly believe that with a proper plan and a targeted strategy, you will succeed.


  • But nobody makes it to the Super Bowl of business without the support of a strong team of experienced coaches. Call us. We’d like to coach your team to a winning year.

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