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PR Tip: Developing an ROI (Return on Interest)


Developing A Return On Interest

The last thing your business sector needs is another boring business. The majority of your competitors are probably just average. This leaves you with an entry into becoming superior and different.

Customers love unique experiences and stories. Give them something that they'll tell others about. The most effective advertising is what others say about you.

The best way now to get a return on your investment (the old ROI) is to get a return on interest (the new ROI).

Educating Your Customers On Value

Customers don't understand what they're actually getting for their money. If you educate them about your service and your product, they'll feel better about the price, and you'll never have to discount.

Tell your customers the pizza is $22 because you use only the best Wisconsin cheese, and others don't. Tell them your product is manufactured nearby and supports the local economy.

If you don't communicate, you make it easy for your guests to abandon any loyalty they might have to you. This encourages them to "shop around."

New Call-to-action

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