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‘Pokemon Go’ brings excitement and business opportunities

By Justin Rigdon

maxresdefault_1-1-278157-edited.jpgPokemon isn't just for kids anymore; businesses are joining the fun.

The “Pokemon Go” craze is a great opportunity for companies to get creative and entice people to visit their businesses and even reward them for doing so. And it’s all thanks to a cartoon created more than 20 years ago.

Cartoon culture is very different in Japan than in the United States, and while shows like "Pokemon" and "Dragonball Z" see huge popularity among children in the U.S., they aren't specifically seen as children's productions in Japan. Our own culture is catching on as the world of Pokemon begins to evolve out of the toy box and into the real world with its new "Pokemon Go" mobile application.

I have been a fan of Pokemon since 1996; so naturally, I play! But it is far more than just a game. It is an amazing opportunity for socializing and getting outdoors. It motivates people to walk places and to stop by businesses they may not have frequented before. Thanks to a Pokestop in the game, I was able to discover a great sushi restaurant right down the road from my house!

Recently, Inc.com outlined how $1.18 per hour can help businesses capitalize on the Pokemon phenomenon and draw more customers than ever by incorporating in-game tactics. I recently visited a local mall and lost count of how many “Pokemon Go” players I encountered. Some stores put up “Pokemon inside” signs to invite people in. Other stores verbally greeted me with a list of Pokemon that had appeared inside their stores, putting emphasis on the rare ones.

As a public relations agency, our job is staying ahead of trends. We keep an eye open for the surprises, like “Pokemon Go,” which was released only a week ago, but has permeated the entire market. Identifying trends quickly and incorporating them into creative strategies to benefit our clients is a significant part of what we do at Axia Public Relations. Does your current PR firm stay abreast of trends in marketing and offer you actual results that you can measure? Let Axia help you maximize your public relations investment today.

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rigdon_profilesmaller-1.jpgJustin Rigdon is an PR professional at Axia Public Relations. He is an Air Force veteran and graduated from University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science in communication and a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology. Follow him on Twitter @justinrigdon.







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