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How to make your CEO stand out as a star

By Lisa Goldsberry

29658296_sIs your CEO more like Meryl Streep or Linda Hunt?

As head of a successful company, a CEO has already proven herself as a leader. These folks know how to surround themselves with the best people and get the job done. Still, in today’s business world, you have to find ways for your company to really stand out against the competition, and one way to do this is to position your CEO as a star.

Of course, not every CEO can be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, but there are some things you can learn from the big guys to increase your own productivity. You can use tips and tactics from PR to get started.

Understanding the importance of being a star

When people recognize your CEO, they remember your company. Through this familiarity, they begin to think of the CEO as a leader, which translates to your company being a leader in your industry. This kind of thought-leadership is crucial when customers are in the consideration and decision-making stages of the sales cycle.

In numerous surveys, such as those completed by employment website The Ladders, leadership is consistently at the top of the list when people discuss what makes a great CEO. This term typically symbolizes someone who takes charge but understands the importance of teamwork, who has the qualities to lead everyone toward a shared goal or objective.

Be visible.

There are numerous large companies with CEOs who stay locked away under so many levels of bureaucracy that it would be difficult for their own mothers to get appointments. It is vital that everyone from customers to employees get to know the CEO. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to plaster your face on every advertisement or publication. You can do it by occasionally being present for consumers in places they will notice: in videos, speaking at public events and finding opportunities to interact with staff.

Know your business inside and out.

It’s fine to delegate; you couldn’t run your company without it. Still, as CEO, you are your company’s main spokesperson. Therefore, you should be prepared to answer any questions that come your way. The ability to communicate well is crucial for anyone in a leadership position.

Remember that what you say and do reflects on your company as a whole.

If the CEO appears to be out of touch, uncertain or incompetent, that’s how the public will view the company. Whether at a public event or in the board room, the CEO should demonstrate the strength, confidence and leadership that will make him stand out.

Be bold and inspiring.

The CEO did not achieve her position by hiding in a crowd, not speaking up, or maintaining a comfortable status quo. To be a star, you have to shake things up a little, take chances and not be afraid to make the tough decisions. There might be a few failures and missteps along the way but when things work, you will gain the trust and respect of employees and consumers alike.

Find a PR firm to help

At Axia, we help CEOs get the recognition they need and deserve. We can create winning campaigns and initiatives to promote both your company and its CEO. Contact us today or register for our 60-Second Impact, which is packed with tools and advice to help you grow your business.

Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter @axiapr.


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