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How to make the most of LinkedIn for your business

By Lisa Goldsberry

linkedin_logo_1-815447-editedLet PR help you navigate the business world’s social network

Your company probably already has a Facebook page and maybe even a decent Twitter following. However, if you’re not taking full advantage of LinkedIn, your company could be missing out on making a good impression with potential business allies and prospects.

LinkedIn provides the most unique, effective method of branding your company within the business community and even finding top talent for open positions. Its research suggests that posting to LinkedIn frequently can significantly increase your chances of engaging your target audiences. Use the following tools and tips to get maximum impact from LinkedIn.

Don’t get caught off-guard.

In social settings, the people you meet who want to know more about you will most likely Google your name later. Of course, business meetings and conferences are different. These situations typically prompt attendees to check out your LinkedIn profile just prior to or even during your presentation. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to make sure your page and information are updated and display your company in the best possible light.

Don’t just link to your website homepage.

If you’ve uploaded an article or otherwise driven people to your LinkedIn page, use this attention for all it’s worth. Instead of just providing a generic link to your website, it would be more beneficial to direct your traffic to a strong call to action. You will be better served by offering a download of your new e-book or registration for your company’s next event rather than making a visitor search your entire website for relevant information.

Don’t fill your page with self-serving messages.

In order to keep people coming to your LinkedIn site, give them something of value. Well-written articles and top-quality content will help your audiences connect with your company and realize that you have something to offer in return for their business. That said, remember that these are busy business people, so it’s best to keep information under 1,500 words.

Don’t forget your friends.

To improve the chances that colleagues at other companies and various experts in your industry will see your information or LinkedIn posts, tag them using @ or #. Studies have shown that people are more likely to click a link if they think it will be valuable or relevant, and nothing is more significant to a person than something that mentions him directly.

Don’t treat LinkedIn like every other social media site.

It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is used primarily for business professionals. Although your connections may also be your friends, you should still avoid personal jokes and off-handed comments. Save the recreational chatter for more social platforms or offline conversations.

Don’t neglect LinkedIn updates.

There are numerous opportunities to add information to your company profile. You can create a short video or share a previous company presentation that those outside your organization may find useful. It’s critical to keep your pages fresh and interesting.

Don’t think you have to handle it all alone.

The right PR firm can help you navigate through all this and get real results from your LinkedIn pages and connections. At Axia, we understand the impact that social media has on your company and its audiences. We can help you organize your social media system and manage social media campaigns for greatest outreach and recognition. Download our e-book The Essential Social Media Management Guide or contact us today to learn how we utilize the best timetables, channels and practices for reaching your target audiences through social media.


Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter @axiapr.

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