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How to improve your business in 5 easy steps

By Lisa Goldsberry

19749419_sLearn how PR tools can help you increase profitability and see real results

As we begin a new year, everyone is making resolutions to improve. If your plan includes increasing promotion and outreach for your company, here are some actions you can start today for increased profitability in 2015:

1. Improve your SEO

Today, your prospects and customers are most likely to encounter your company online. Therefore, you have to first make sure they can find you. There are PR tools you can use to improve your search engine rankings and move your site closer to the top of the results page.

Research what your target audience is searching for and be sure those terms appear on your site.

Start a blog to make it easier to include some of those terms. However, be careful not to unnaturally pack your content with these keywords.

Generate positive news coverage. When people search for your company, any mentions in the media are usually at the top of the results list. Cultivate relationships with journalists, take advantage of real-time opportunities to gain more earned media and extend the life of any coverage you receive.

2. Improve your content

Once customers do find you, it’s important that you have something meaningful to say. Today’s consumers are looking for companies to add value to their lives. Numerous PR tactics can help you achieve this goal, using content to get there.

Be clear and concise. People don’t want to slog through pages and pages of information to find the information they’re looking for.

Tell your story. This is what sets you apart from the competition and helps your customers identify with your brand.

Offer something more than just a sales pitch. Inform your customers about exciting things in your industry or useful tips on how to improve their lives. For example, if you make furniture, write an article about ways your readers can extend the life of their furniture. They’ll remember where this helpful information came from and begin to see your company as a go-to source.

3. Improve your relationships

Thanks to social media, it’s now easier than ever to connect with and engage your customers. They’re more likely to do business with you and become repeat customers if they know more about your company and what you stand for.

Learn where your customers get their information and make sure your company is there.

Provide special incentives and benefits to customers who are willing to connect with you. This will demonstrate that you value their business and it will also allow them to help with your promotion by sharing or retweeting your posts with their own connections. In addition, if they feel like they know you, customers will be more likely to open your emails and read your posts.

Answer all comments and questions promptly, even if they’re negative. Once you’ve established a rapport, don’t lose it with late or non-existent responses.

4. Improve your online reputation

Your reputation is not who you are, it’s who people say you are. Therefore, to improve your reputation, you must first know what people are saying. Consequently, the first step of this goal is to periodically Google your own company. For a more complete picture, it’s also wise to Google your CEO, as well as your company name + complaints. If you find negative information, immediately work on correcting it by:

  • Putting out positive information to counteract the negative

  • Encouraging your customers and employees to post positive or constructive reviews

  • Fixing the original problem

5. Improve your PR efforts by hiring a PR firm to help you

At Axia, we use smart, creative PR tactics to help you meet your strategic goals and increase profitability. Register today for our 60-Second Impact program to learn more about you can use effective PR tools to expand your visibility and grow your business.

Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter @axiapr.

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