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Great PR: 7 Ways to Own Your Customers


Great PR: Seven Ways to “Own” Your Customers — No Matter What Size Your Business

  1. Go above and beyond the customers’ expectations of service, such as offering bottled water or champagne while waiting, free Internet access, free valet parking and free one-day delivery.
  2. Develop a mailing list of your customers and start a VIP club, offering them special closed-door private VIP sales. Correspond on a regular basis with those on your list.
  3. Celebrate your customers’ birthdays with a card and a gift certificate.
  4. Ask your customers for advice and feedback on service, merchandise selection and prices.
  5. Send a handwritten thank-you note after each sale.
  6. Develop a loyalty reward program, and make it easy for customers to achieve their rewards.
  7. Have the store owner personally meet and get to know the customers.

Great PR begins with great customer service. Own your customers and you'll never have to worry about your competition.

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