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Calling all franchisor PR professionals

By Lisa Goldsberry


Why you should add Franchise Times readers to your target audience


For entrepreneurs hoping to start franchises and potential business owners looking to purchase them, there is Franchise Times, the recognized leader for news and information about the franchise industry.  

For companies that want to learn how to get their clients, products and services into Franchise Times, we have a PR #MeetTheEditor Webinar, featuring Editor Nancy Weingartner, available now, During the webinar, she will share tips on the best ways to pitch to Franchise Times. 


With such a wide variety of industries and interests under the franchise umbrella, practically every company should be reaching out to this market segment, but to attract them individually would prove problematic. You would need to target numerous publications in dozens of industries to accomplish your goals. Franchise Times represents perhaps the only vehicle specifically geared toward attracting this diverse group. Therefore, if you work for a franchisor and wish to get your message to franchise investors or consumers, this is the magazine for you, and this is the webinar that will show you how to do it.


About Franchise Times

Recognizing the information revolution, the magazine started a weekly online edition in 2012. Now its loyal readers can take Franchise Times on the go, accessing it at any time through handheld devices and laptops. Additionally:

  • More than 50 percent of its readers report spending at least an hour reading the magazine.

  • Hard copies are delivered 10 times a year to subscribers’ desks and are accessible each week online.

  • Approximately 50 percent admit to archiving copies of the magazine for future reference, and offices and lobbies everywhere often offer past issues. It’s also a common choice of reading material for airline travelers.

  • Fifty percent of readers are franchisees and 41 percent are franchisors.

  • The magazine’s readers represent franchise companies from various industries, including real estate, hotels, quick-service restaurants, convenience stores and financial services.

The magazine also has an international component, covering the U.S. Commercial Services trade missions in other countries. Overall, Franchise Times aims to inform, inspire, caution and prepare readers with sophisticated content that is also entertaining. If you get your content, clients and products featured in this one magazine, you may be able to influence an entire franchise system.


Content highlights

  • News and information about whats happening in the franchise arena that could affect your business

  • Directories of whos who in the franchising game

  • Exclusive reports, such as Dealmakers of the Year, featuring the best and brightest movers and shakers in the franchising industry

  • Profiles of fascinating people and celebrities who have joined the franchising business, such as Gene Simmons of KISS and former Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman

Get to know Food Service News

Weingartner also serves as editor of Food Service News, and she will speak a little about this publication during the webinar, as well.

  • The magazine covers the Upper Midwest food service industry.

  • Its focus is professionals in the food service industry, such as chefs, managers, health care and school food service professionals, suppliers and vendors.

  • Content includes trends and issues important 

  • to these professionals.

About the webinar series

At Axia, we believe that companies and executives who are well-informed about PR are more empowered to use it to maximum benefit and, ultimately, increase profitability. To this end, we periodically offer great webinars to help clients and prospective clients as well as public relations, marketing and business executives learn more about the power of PR. Check back often for information about other helpful programs or access audio from past events on demand.

Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and techn
ology PR. Connect with Axia Public Relations on Twitter at @axiapr.

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