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4 ways to improve your online rankings

By Heather M. Hilliard

36714370_s.jpgThe right words paint the best picture

When you want to say exactly the right thing, you spend a lot of time thinking about it.  Selecting the best words is crucial in delivering the appropriate message. Words and phrases take priority in the algorithm that search engines use to pull the best content to the top of results lists, but inappropriate use actually lowers rankings.

Smart companies select the best and brightest staff to drive their main mission and product focus.  From engineers to bakers, inside specialization makes industry leaders soar. But the top companies routinely select outside consultants for rapidly changing aspects of their businesses – for example, using an external web design staff who is up to date on coding languages and imagery creation. In the ever-changing electronic media world, outside experts often deliver the best results.

On a daily basis, public relations experts are consciously composing perfectly crafted stories for clients and partners, and each message is specialized for the various delivery points – as they each have slightly different parameters for success.  

Here are four areas that talented PR firms consider when broadcasting your message:

  1. In social media, there are different triggers that search engines use when identifying key words, useful phrases and other attributes (like backlinks). Do you know which has the most effective reach for real-time marketing?
  • Facebook feeds, when rebroadcasted, play a part in messaging backlinks. The click-throughs from advertising placement also factor into your company’s increased visibility.
  • Twitter messaging can easily go viral; and if you brand those 140 characters properly, your site traffic increases, which raises your profile as well.
  • LinkedIn has special areas for posting updates (called Pulse posts), and posting there is just as important for crafting your business image as other social media platforms. Google+ is also a great outlet when used correctly.
  • Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and others have target markets that may be overlooked if your message or product isn’t focused correctly.
  1. Any sales site that allows for customer reviews contributes to your profile – regardless if the reviews are good or bad. These sites will link to your product and brand image. Are you actively managing customer review websites?
  1. Writing expert articles on blogs – on your own site or contributing to reputable mainstream media pages – enhances your ratings, especially when you use the right keywords and phrases.
  1. Earning media coverage – beyond a blog or article post – is one of the best ways to appear toward the top in results lists. Remember, when you pay for placement, it’s called advertising.

To get your company at the top of search engine results, it takes more than just throwing a lot of stuff on the Internet wall to see what sticks (and will trend) for various audiences. Can you risk your reputation on simply hoping for the best?

The above list is an example of what affects search engine optimization – things a good public relations firm handles every day as second nature. It’s integrated into everything we do at Axia Public Relations, and we can help you achieve the earned media coverage and brand awareness that will position your company at the top of search engine results. Download Axia’s Essential Social Media Management Guide to learn the steps for delivering the right message with the best words for the highest results.

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heather-new.jpgHeather M. Hilliard is a marketing and strategic planning professional with expertise in crisis management communications. Earning two master’s degrees and her international Certified Emergency Manager credential, she has worked during disasters as well as “normal business” to offset impact in preparedness for large- and small-scale events in a variety of industries. She is an adjunct professor for Tulane University and currently focuses on strategic communications and improvements for clients. Heather has worked for Axia Public Relations since December 2015.


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Topics: public relations, online review management, shared media

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