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3 ways to boost your Instagram presence

By Alan Helquist

Keep your Instagram campaign on track.

A thriving social media presence is essential for a successful company. Instagram is a terrific platform for engaging your target audience. However, it’s not enough to post every now and then on your company Instagram page. Your presence must be consistent and continual. If you’re not posting regularly, your potential and current clients may lose interest, and that’s not good for your company. Here are three ways to build a successful company Instagram campaign:

  1. Research your audience personas.

The more you know your audience, the better your posts will be – and the more engaged your potential and current clients will be. While you won’t know everything about every single person, knowing your audience personas is key to building lasting relationships.

  1. Formulate an Instagram posting plan.

How often do you want to post? What will you post? Who is your target audience? Form a detailed outline of your Instagram posting strategy and stick with it. Don’t go haphazardly into your Instagram campaign with random posts and a sporadic presence. Define your goals, formulate your plan and be ready to implement.

  1. Schedule regular Instagram posts.

Time is essential and you don’t have a lot of it. You’ve planned your Instagram campaign; however, you continually miss your deadlines. The easiest fix is to schedule automatic posts. With automatic posting, you know your Instagram account is constantly updated, giving your company the consistent presence it needs on social media.

Engagement on social media is crucial for your company’s success. Being consistent can bring tremendous returns and build lasting relationships for your company. Developing an active, substantial following on social media requires a great amount of time and effort. A public relations firm can be the answer you’re looking for to build your social media reputation. Axia Public Relations can help with your social media needs. Download Axia’s e-book The Essential Social Media Management Guide today and get started on your successful social media campaigns.

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Alan E. Helquist

Alan Helquist is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with extensive experience in copywriting and public speaking. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and passionately writes and speaks on anything from sports to public relations. Alan has been a member of the Axia team since June 2017. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.







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