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When Dave and Buster’s desired a public relations partner to open its new location in Orlando, Fla., a Los Angeles PR firm recommended D&B to Axia Public Relations.

After that successful grand opening, when Dave and Buster’s needed help attracting new customers and getting new attention for its 15-year-old location in Jacksonville, Fla., D&B called on Axia Public Relations again.

The Axia PR team went to work. Axia developed local store marketing (LSM) strategies, public relations, social media, and event ideas and solutions to generate new revenue and loyal customers to jump start immediate sales, summer revenue and overall sales beyond the summer. Axia developed strategies to reach business professionals, grow college students and military personnel as well as grow lunch and event sales. Axia scheduled TV appearances and earned news coverage for the company, its location, new menu items and upcoming events.

In addition, Axia alerted the company to new competition that was aggressively entering the D&B footprint across the U.S. D&B executives were unaware of this competitor and could now track lost market share to such competition. That competitive intelligence, according to the company's CMO, was worth the PR investment in Axia alone.

When Dave & Buster's needed support in Panama City Beach, they called on Axia Public Relations again for an award-winning, record-setting grand opening PR campaign. Axia reached 1.5 million consumers in 90 days, secured 41 stories, grossed the second-highest opening-day sales record in Dave & Buster’s 31-year history, and the most ever company record for a Monday opening. Learn more.


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