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PR firm gives local skate park a leg up

Posted by Axia Public Relations

OPERATION SKATE                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Operation Skate is dedicated to the vision of providing a city and county supported and supervised park for skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMX bicyclists. As a former youth skateboarder and Fernandina Beach native, Axia’s founder, Jason Mudd, was thoroughly stoked to get involved.

OperationSkate-Skating-into-Nassau-LargeMore than three years and 1,500 hours of agency services were invested into Operation Skate. Axia provided public relations, PSA script writing, poster design, telemarketing, website design, and more—even leveraging our relationships with influential local, state, and national officials, business executives, and celebrities, including skate icons Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely and Rob Dyrdek. The result of Axia’s effort can be seen every day in the toothy grins of local youth who now have a place to call their own.







Within 30 days, they doubled our fundraising revenue, gained weekly media coverage, engaged our advocates and increased our volunteer base."

- Kim Lynch, Founder and President, Operation Skate









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