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Startup law firm flourishes

Posted by Axia Public Relations

LAW OFFICES OF RANDY REEP                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Randy Reep hired Axia to help spread the word about his personal injury and criminal defense law firm. Axia designed a campaign to increase Reep’s stature in the community. Reep’s practice flourished thanks to the news media coverage.

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Randy Reep, fighter pilot and lawyer, approached Axia Public Relations to help get the word out about his personal injury and criminal defense law firm without spending the big bucks on advertising like his competitors – some of whom invest millions annually in paid media coverage. Axia designed a public relations campaign to increase Reep’s stature in the community using local, regional and national media outlets to position him as a respected thought-leader in his field. During the six-month campaign, Axia generated roughly $15.2 million in earned media coverage that included 282 feature articles, 73 broadcast appearances and exposure on CNN and in USA Today and The Florida Bar Journal.



High-flying legal eagle Randy Reep was already a successful fighter pilot and commercial airline pilot when he decided to open his own law practice in Jacksonville, Florida.

As a start-up law firm in a market where his competitors were spending up to $3 million annually on advertising, Reep needed a more affordable and effective way to reach potential clients.

Axia Public Relations designed a PR campaign to increase Reep's stature in the community where he practices law using local, regional and national media relations to position him as a respected thought leader in his field.



Axia introduced Reep to local editorial boards, setup lunches with beat writers, reached out to the news media and pitched him as an expert on local and national crime stories and high profile cases tying Randy Reep as an expert legal commentator.



Axia did everything they said they would do and so much more."

Randy Reep

Within slightly more than six months, Axia reached out to its media relations contacts and garnered more than 282 articles about – or featuring – Reep, often as a legal expert offering insight into major news stories, including the Trayvon Martin case. Included in those articles were 73 broadcast appearances and exposure in USA Today and the American Bar Journal.

The total value of our media relations campaign on Reep's behalf is already more than $15.2 million, representing an ROI of more than 69x!

With all the added attention, Reep's practice has flourished.

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See more coverage: http://www.youtube.com/user/reeplaw

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