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Brand awareness campaign generates 60 news articles

Posted by Paul Cook

WASHINGTON ACCOUNTING SERVICES                                                                                                                                                                                             

Washington Accounting Services hired Axia to increase awareness of the tax and accounting company and to build its founders’ personal and professional brand. Axia created a successful media relations campaign and speaker’s bureau. High-profile publications featured the company and its background a few months later.

Washington Accounting Services - Axia Public Relations


Washington Accounting Services retained Axia Public Relations when it wanted to increase awareness of the tax and accounting business, and build their founders personal and professional brand. When Washington approached Axia, it desired to expand founder Tiffany Washington's visibility with companies and individuals who require the expert counsel of an advisor to small businesses and an expert on topics related to accounting, taxes and business financials.



Axia’s team of expert PR practitioners, always equipped with an eye for perceiving a client's full potential, embarked on a plan that would focus on Tiffany's strengths of teaching and public speaking by providing her with a platform for earned media coverage and earned speaking opportunities to increase awareness of her expertise and her company with prospective clients.


Thought Leadership

Axia would cultivate a positive image of Washington as a successful and innovative leader within its industry. The PR agency began producing opportunities quickly that brought attention to the Washington's story of success as an expert small business accounting information source, with extensive experience on all small business tax-related issues. Axia’s diligent public relations work would also serve to position Washington Accounting Services as a company that could serve clients on both a national and local scale.

One thing about Tiffany is that she needs updates, there has never been a time where she has asked me to call Axia. Before she can even think to ask for an update she has already received [it]."

- Anita Mason
Washington Accounting Services


In addition to a successful media relations campaign, Axia created a speakers' bureau that enables Washington to address groups for business development, to build her personal and professional brand, and to fulfill her personal goal of educating young people about how to succeed against tough odds.

Washington praises Axia's fortitude and results in rapidly developing and implementing her public relations campaign and maintaining consistent and effective communication with her office.






Just a few months into the program, Axia had generated nearly 60 articles quoting Washington about tax and financial expertise, including in high-profile publications like the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, eHow, and Black Enterprise magazine. Articles and radio interviews featured her unique personal story of starting a successful business from the ground up without much previous business and zero entrepreneurial experience.


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