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Public relations gives real estate company's marketing plan a successful remake.

Posted by Axia Public Relations

ALLEGIANCE DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                   


In a hot real estate market, condos in Florida sell like sunscreen. Consider the experience of Amelia Island’s new residential condominium, Cape Sound. During a 24 month period, more than 50 percent of the units in the first phase sold. Then, as the real estate market cooled, Allegiance Development began to feel the pinch.

CapeSound.jpgAxia remodeled the marketing plan to help Cape Sound compete in a “buyer’s market.” While maintaining the continuity of the branding, Axia tweaked the color palette and advertising themes, paying more attention to influential Realtor advertising. Further, our analysis revealed untapped potential in electronic media. Axia recommended search-engine optimization and pay per click for the Website and banner ads on key local Websites.

Axia-created brochures and mailers are still being utilized as final phases of the sales activity wrap-up at Cape Sound.

Thank God for Axia—they deliver on every promise."

- Ruth Darlington, Allegiance Development





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