PR Hack of the Week

Leverage social media.

Your company culture can be PR worthy

Create behind the scene videos.

Be a story teller

Build your personal brand.

Write for humans to optimize your SEO

Start a blog.

Get involved with podcasts.

Take advantage of timely news events.

Include links in your pitches and releases to drive traffic to your website

Tell a story.

Set up Google Alerts

Invite journalists to collaborate on a story instead of just feeding them information

Have a dedicated media contact at your company

Add a press page to your website

Start local

Regularly double-check your contact list

Keep your pitch short and sweet

Build relationships with journalists.

Get your pitch emails opened.

Pay attention to media response.

Timing is key.

Pay attention to media response.

Utilize HARO & ProfNet.

Make sure you prep before a news appearance.

Whatever you fear the most is what you most need to do.

How many characters should meta descriptions and page titles be?

APPLE USERS: Do you love to-do lists and marking things off as you complete them?

LinkedIn Learning: Use your free 30-day trial.

Use Instagram and Facebook stories for quick, exciting moments.

Looking for an app to help you make quick and beautiful graphics? Try your hand at the Canva app.

Make your news media coverage work for you.

Find key elements in your company news to earn more coverage.

Get your story out.

Your company is at risk for a lawsuit without a website accessibility statement.

Target your media relations efforts to the top 10–20 news outlets.

Use the right social media channel to tell your company’s story.

Pitch your product for holiday gift guides now.

News releases aren’t that important.

Networking is a key component to great PR.

People relate to what companies say.

Honest Abe knows.

Every word matters.

You have to build your reputation.

Let people know.

Always continue learning.

If you do it at least once a week, there should be a process set in place.

End your day by making a note of what you need to do tomorrow.

Start your morning with a quick team check-in.

Shine the light on your accomplishments.

Stop measuring advertising value equivalency.

Display your media coverage.

Paid placement should be your last resort.

Repurpose a news release.

How to get management approval on a news release.

Let your computer read your next media pitch.

Social media pay to play

How strong is your website?

For optimal Facebook engagement, choose quality content over quantity of posts.

The big earned media opportunity your PR is missing

The importance of SEO

Contacts change often and quickly.

Yes, PR is measurable.

Repurpose your blog posts into media pitches.

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