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Your company culture can be PR worthy

What’s unique about your company’s workplace or culture? Workplaces are moving away from the cubicle scene. If you’re ahead of the game, let people know! Create a company-wide survey to measure employee happiness and let news outlets know about the results.

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Create behind the scene videos.

Creating behind the scene videos gives you the opportunity to humanize your company by showing off what you do, reveals  the employees behind your brand.

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Be a story teller

Telling a story that engages with an audience without selling them anything. We will start seeing a rise in people telling stories that are centered around what we can do for humanity. Society wants the truth, they want stories that make them feel good about what they’re buying.

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Build your personal brand.

A unique personal brand will help your company stand-out against competitors, be unique, and can earn you brand recognition from your targeted audience.

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Write for humans to optimize your SEO

Create content that humans and customers will want to read, forget about search engines and help customers. Customers want to hear what experts have to say, not an article or blog that uses keywords for the sake of using keywords.

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Start a blog.

Blogs are a great way to generate free publicity and get your message out. Great blog posts can help boost your brand identity and generate a steady following, possibly turning followers into customers.

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Get involved with podcasts.

Podcasts is a growing media to reach new audiences. Be a guest on an industry podcast or start one of your own!

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Take advantage of timely news events.

You may be able to find more success by tying your company’s work with local or national news events to make your services relevant.

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Include links in your pitches and releases to drive traffic to your website

Links within a story or pitch are tempting for readers to click. The more people who visit your website, the higher your page will be when someone makes a Google search. This can generate more customers which will lead to more revenue.

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Tell a story.

Having a story surrounding your company will help generate audience’s attention. People tend to be more interested when there is a story they can relate to.

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