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Schedule social media content


Creating content for social media months in advance can save you time and a headache. There’s also multiple platforms you can use to post on your behalf so you don’t have to think about posting at a certain time.

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Remember to be “SMART”

When measuring your PR goals, don’t forget to use the SMART acronym. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-based.

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Research everything

An essential part of PR work is research. This is a crucial step in achieving your goal. Research also helps make sure you are targeting the correct audience.

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Personalize your outreach emails

Take the time to look up the client’s name, and address them directly. Be flexible and specific. Build a connection.

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Say you’re sorry.

Apologizing is something that frightens a lot of people, especially those in the business world. The fear is an apology means you have done something wrong that implicates you in a crime you may have to pay for. In fact, the opposite is true. When you or your company has done something wrong, the best thing to do is to acknowledge the issue and apologize for it. This actually leads to less issues being escalated, less customers being lost, and in fact, an opportunity to gain more customers in the process.

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Improving yourself is improving your company

Everyone wants their company to grow, but what many fail to realize is growth starts with you. Being a professional means always being a student, always growing, always learning. Take a 15-minute break to watch a TED talk or listen to a podcast on your drive into work. Big change happens from little changes over time. As you develop yourself, so will your team, and thus, your company.

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Understand the communications mix.

With the world being digital, the core focus for PR is still earned media. To understand the mix, we need to understand the context of paid, earned, shared, and owned media to channel the best contributions and exalt a brand’s narrative.

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Find your niche.

Find what you’re good at, stick with it, and grow. These are the best ways to find your specialty and better offer your clients the demands they’re searching for in the market.

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How do you properly present information?

It’s easy for presentation attendees to become disengaged. To maintain your audience’s attention, use emotional inflections in your voice, engage with your audience, incorporate movement, and never read from the slide.

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Know your audience when writing a press release

The fastest way for a news release to be discarded is with irrelevant information. Knowing your audience is key for a successful release. Without knowing your audience, you may be providing information to a publication that specializes in an area of expertise outside of your topic.

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