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Having relationships with people you meet academically and professionally can benefit you in the long run. Knowledge of your personal character and work ethic can be gained from personal experience; these are things that can’t be obtained from a resume or cover letter.

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Don’t just follow trends, create new ones

Keeping up with trends is important in showing your clients where your brand is headed in the future. But building your own trends, helps to build credibility and value for your company.

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Always have a crisis plan.

You never know when a crisis will occur, so you need to be prepared to make a statement that effectively communicates all necessary information with the public’s interest in mind. You never want to be in a position where you are silent for too long.

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Get your emails opened

A compelling subject line is key in grabbing the attention of a reporter or client. Hook your reader by including an interesting opening sentence. Keep the email brief and short.

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Innovation can hit anywhere

Being creative can be depicted as sitting in an office chair staring at a whiteboard until “the idea” comes to you. Although it may look like that for some, for most of us, that is the picture of despair. For a large portion of the world, our best ideas come to us when we least expect it: in the shower or on a run. Just because you are at your nine-to-five doesn’t mean you can’t shake it up and go outside for a breather. Once you let your mind escape from its box, you will be surprised by what it comes up with.

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Want higher responses to your emails?

If you want higher responses to your emails, you need to write better ones. Here’s some quick suggestions:

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Tell a story in 60 seconds.

PR professionals tell the greatest stories. Advertising has to tell a story in 30 seconds. We tell stories on video, editorial magazines, and social media to create an emotional commitment to a brand.

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Set a Youtube standard

Treat your Youtube channel as an extension of yourself. It should be as refined and professional as you. Make sure to include thumbnails for all your videos and ensure you provide quality content. Remember, lighting, background, and sound quality is paramount in producing high-quality content.

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Understand the communications mix

With the world being digital, the core focus for PR is still earned media. To understand the mix, we need to understand the context of paid, earned, shared and owned media to channel the best contributions and exalt a brand’s narrative.

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Create goals and objectives

For a successful PR strategy, you must lay down the proper foundation. Know your goals and objectives. Without them, you will lack purpose and direction, which could hinder your entire strategy.

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