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Remember to use “normal speak”

Chances are day-to-day when you’re making your social post or sending out that email, you probably aren’t speaking to high-level C-Suite professionals with a fine-tuned technical vocabulary. You’re speaking to a normal person. Be relatable, be human. Phrase your writing the same way you would if you were having a conversation with your audience in person, on a level that everyone can simply understand. You will enjoy writing more and your audience will enjoy reading more.

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Build your content

You have successfully created consistent and engaging content for your company, and you can take it a step further by building a web of content. For each blog produced, link additional digital materials that align to your goals. This will keep your viewers interested and glued to the company website.

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Be clear, concise, and brief when writing

In PR writing, don't get lost in all the fluff. Your audience will appreciate and receive your messages more if you write in a way that conveys your message clearly and gets straight to the point. No one likes content that drags on, so make it brief.

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Practice the one-breath test when writing

If your blog, social post, or email is full of block text, you’re already asking for a lot of attention from your audience. Adding long-winded sentences into the already long paragraphs is only asking for them to tune out. Whether it be a 30-minute blog read or a quick social post, if your sentence takes more than a breath to say out loud, consider editing it down for concision or breaking it up into two sentences.

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Invest in social media marketing and management platforms

Stay organized and active on all social media platforms with management databases. One example is Hootsuite where you can schedule future posts on multiple platforms and monitor engagement to meet your social media marketing goals.

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Measure what works.

Utilize analytics to see what is actually keeping users engaged to your content. Use companies that can help measure your domain authority and SEO on Google.

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Count brand mentions

Your brand mentions are key to know so that you are aware how your brand is being viewed on social media, positively or negatively.

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Use both created and curated content

Don't be afraid to mix created and curated content. Curated content can be valuable as a cost- and time-efficient option for social media. It also offers an opportunity for you to build new relationships with other organizations while providing your audience with an alternative view and resource. 

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People are the root of PR

As we move into a more digital and electronically dependent world, don't lose sight of making meaningful interpersonal interactions. Although there is various communication software available, the most meaningful connections will stem from genuine relationships.

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How to use trending topics to your best advantage

It’s called “trendjacking” and it can skyrocket your social media game. Trendjacking is when a brand capitalizes on a trending topic by getting involved and “riding the wave of a hashtag” with a relevant post when the topic before it has reached its peak. It’s important to not try too hard, land the timing, and make sure you know what the hashtag is before climbing on board so you are not being inappropriate.

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