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Use Google Drive to collaborate more efficiently


Improve collaboration and reduce back and forth emails with unique attachments and revisions.


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Understand we’re smart but not superhuman


When facing a crisis/problem, a huge part of the process is accepting the belief that we’re not superhuman. We don’t have the ability to solve everything. Understanding this fact helps prepare companies and individuals in times of crisis.


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Have fun when doing public relations


Don’t be a bore when you work on public relations. Having fun can improve your public relations work and your corporate communications as well.


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Don’t be afraid to be honest


Tell the truth! Whether that means letting your boss know you need to take a step back or giving hard feedback on a project, it’s important to be honest. Communication is key.


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Make your website easily accessible


With so much information on the internet, it’s important to have all of your content linked together.


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Join professional associations


Being a member of a professional association opens the door for a great deal of networking opportunities. Joining an association like the Relations Society of America can also grant you access to more educational opportunities.


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Have humor


PR shouldn’t always be serious. Sometimes, humor or a pun in the appropriate place can make a big difference in catching an audience’s attention.


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You can’t guarantee PR results or media coverage, but you can offer a bonus for hitting SMARTER objectives and KPIs.


Although no one can ethically guarantee earned media coverage, you can ensure your PR agency and staff gets bonuses for hitting specific objectives. If a PR firm you’ve working with hits certain KPIs or outputs (including earned media coverage in specific news outlets), you can give them a bonus for reaching such milestones. These bonuses should be tied to something measurable and meaningful so you have an objective metric to base the bonuses on.


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Earned media is not guaranteed


News media appearances are great. However, they’re not guaranteed. The news media should be absolutely independent and objective. That’s why earned media coverage is so valuable. It can’t be bought, so it’s much more believable and credible than paid media.

Your media pitches need to be newsworthy and interesting — not just to you but to your audience. It’s absolutely unethical for a public relations professional to promise your story will appear as earned media in a credible news outlet. 

That’s because public relations depends on third parties and relationships. Unless you own or control the news outlet, there are no guarantees in PR!

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Don’t get greedy about media coverage


Provide data analytics in communications campaigns to meet the needs and demands of clients and employers while understanding the difference between quantitative and qualitative strategies.

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