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PR Hack of the Week

Set goals and categorize importance


There are a million objectives to achieve daily, but realistically, there isn’t enough time to accomplish them all. Make a list and separate it by its level of importance and its level of urgency. Pick three to five items to achieve daily. It’s not a failure to leave some tasks unaccomplished by the end of the day; they will just be moved to tomorrow. Regroup, reassess, and rebound.


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Active listening is a habit


It’s easy to drone out of the watercooler talk or the hour-long business meeting about something your mind is telling you could have been an email. However, even if the information doesn’t impact you, you are being presented with an opportunity to build a relationship with everyone you interact with. Repeating back to them what they said shows them you are present and comprehending their words, and repeating important information back to them at a later date shows them you cared.


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Build a team, not an office


It’s easy to hire workers to fill your office staff and meet your company’s needs. It takes a little bit more time to build a well-functioning, dedicated team. This is done over time through small acts, such as engaging in non-work conversations, having that Christmas party, and sending a care package when they are sick. There are daily opportunities that shine through for you to be there for your employees and for them to be there for each other. These little moments of care remind everyone that we are not cogs in a machine but human beings with lives outside of the office. This is how you build your tribe and grow your team with a cultivated sense of togetherness.


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Keep it personal


Back in the day, people used to keep a rolodex on their desks with their contacts and some personal info on the back. This was so you could remember to ask them (or specifically to NOT ask them) how their wife was doing or how their softball league was coming along. It adds a personal touch that today’s fast-paced world can negate. It’s true there are a lot of contacts and moving parts, but making the small effort goes a long way toward earning and keeping clients.


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The right combination = being integrated


To balance the shift in the public relations industry, the need for vertical industry and specialist expertise must be met by attracting top talent. Talent must focus on project work, visual storytelling, video, and influencing strategies to change the management style of traditional public relations.


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Be different to grow


It is a competitive market, so it is important to stand out and do things that attract talented people and clients who want to get ahead.


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Don’t be afraid of the GIFs!


Images are now included on blogs, social posts, and websites. The next stage is the GIF. GIFs have a way of adding a little extra personality to a post, reminding everyone that a brand is made up of normal people. Most easily populated GIFs also fall under pop culture categories, meaning GIFs can be timely and even comical to the audience you’re trying to connect with in real-time.


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Remember the importance of communication


Use communication to motivate and resonate with people we seek to engage and change behaviors and perceptions. This will matter more than ever before.


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Know the business, and know the challenges


This helps build a relationship with clients and places public relations professionals in a position to come in and help during times that are unexpected.


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You don’t have to be on every social media channel


Use the social media channels your audience is using. You may have an active following on Facebook, but does having an Instagram account also make sense? Being on a few platforms is fine as long as you are trying to actively engage the audience you have and constantly attracting new customers.


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