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PR Hack of the Week

The right combination = being integrated


To balance the shift in the public relations industry, the need for vertical industry and specialist expertise must be met by attracting top talent. Talent must focus on project work, visual storytelling, video, and influencing strategies to change the management style of traditional public relations.


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Be different to grow


It is a competitive market, so it is important to stand out and do things that attract talented people and clients who want to get ahead.


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Don’t be afraid of the GIFs!


Images are now included on blogs, social posts, and websites. The next stage is the GIF. GIFs have a way of adding a little extra personality to a post, reminding everyone that a brand is made up of normal people. Most easily populated GIFs also fall under pop culture categories, meaning GIFs can be timely and even comical to the audience you’re trying to connect with in real-time.


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Remember the importance of communication


Use communication to motivate and resonate with people we seek to engage and change behaviors and perceptions. This will matter more than ever before.


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Know the business, and know the challenges


This helps build a relationship with clients and places public relations professionals in a position to come in and help during times that are unexpected.


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You don’t have to be on every social media channel


Use the social media channels your audience is using. You may have an active following on Facebook, but does having an Instagram account also make sense? Being on a few platforms is fine as long as you are trying to actively engage the audience you have and constantly attracting new customers.


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Use Google Drive to collaborate more efficiently


Improve collaboration and reduce back and forth emails with unique attachments and revisions.


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Understand we’re smart but not superhuman


When facing a crisis/problem, a huge part of the process is accepting the belief that we’re not superhuman. We don’t have the ability to solve everything. Understanding this fact helps prepare companies and individuals in times of crisis.


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Have fun when doing public relations


Don’t be a bore when you work on public relations. Having fun can improve your public relations work and your corporate communications as well.


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Don’t be afraid to be honest


Tell the truth! Whether that means letting your boss know you need to take a step back or giving hard feedback on a project, it’s important to be honest. Communication is key.


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