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LinkedIn Learning: Use your free 30-day trial.

LinkedIn offers a program called “LinkedIn Learning” which are videos that educate viewers on numerous subjects (ie: Social media best practices, Lead generation on LinkedIn, etc.) Set aside 30 minutes each day to consume educational videos taught by experts in a subject/field you’re interested in learning more about.

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Use Instagram and Facebook stories for quick, exciting moments.

Social media strategists recommend that you use Instagram stories and Facebook stories to share a brief moment that doesn’t require a long caption. These stories might include follower involvement like a poll, or something silly that you’d only want your audience to see on your profile for 24 hours.

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Looking for an app to help you make quick and beautiful graphics? Try your hand at the Canva app.

This app allows you to use templates for anything from a social media post to a snapchat story to an Instagram story and more. Users can customize each template to add logos and match their company’s brand colors.

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Make your news media coverage work for you.

Great news coverage mentioning your company adds credibility to your brand. Add a list of all the high-profile media outlets that have mentioned your company: “As seen on …” This is a great addition to your sales presentations and your website’s About Us section.

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Find key elements in your company news to earn more coverage.

Review the 10 elements of newsworthiness to identify the key elements in your company’s news that are important to reporters and their audiences. Through experience, we know that a good story has more than one of these 10 elements to earn coverage. It’s about aligning your story to the news elements, topics, and trends of the day – not what you want to discuss.

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Get your story out.

Self-publish your articles on:

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Your company is at risk for a lawsuit without a website accessibility statement.

An accessibility statement is an explanation of the level of web accessibility that your company commits to achieving. You can create an accessibility statement yourself, use a free online template or generator to guide you, or hire someone to create the statement for you, like an attorney.

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Target your media relations efforts to the top 10–20 news outlets.

We recommend evaluating news coverage results according to quality, not necessarily quantity. You want your earned news coverage to reach your potential customers, so focus your efforts on targeted outlets, not the general public. Don’t measure the number of news articles; instead, measure earned coverage in your top 10–20 target media outlets as well as meaningful conversations and relationships with their reporters.

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Use the right social media channel to tell your company’s story.

Don’t just post the same message on all social media channels. “The problem is, we’re all using social networks as distribution instead of native platforms to tell stories.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

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Pitch your product for holiday gift guides now.

Many of our national media contacts are already planning their holiday gift guide coverage. Are you looking to earn news coverage for your company’s cool product or service that would make for a unique holiday gift feature? Most news outlets will complete their holiday coverage content well before the holidays arrive. Don't miss out: Start pitching your product for holiday gift guides in September.

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