PR Hack of the Week

Measure what works.

Utilize analytics to see what is actually keeping users engaged to your content. Use companies that can help measure your domain authority and SEO on Google.

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Count brand mentions

Your brand mentions are key to know so that you are aware how your brand is being viewed on social media, positively or negatively.

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Use both created and curated content

Don't be afraid to mix created and curated content. Curated content can be valuable as a cost- and time-efficient option for social media. It also offers an opportunity for you to build new relationships with other organizations while providing your audience with an alternative view and resource. 

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People are the root of PR

As we move into a more digital and electronically dependent world, don't lose sight of making meaningful interpersonal interactions. Although there is various communication software available, the most meaningful connections will stem from genuine relationships.

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How to use trending topics to your best advantage

It’s called “trendjacking” and it can skyrocket your social media game. Trendjacking is when a brand capitalizes on a trending topic by getting involved and “riding the wave of a hashtag” with a relevant post when the topic before it has reached its peak. It’s important to not try too hard, land the timing, and make sure you know what the hashtag is before climbing on board so you are not being inappropriate.

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Don’t be afraid to name drop

If you’ve worked with a well-known company, don’t be afraid to share it across media platforms. This builds credibility and attracts other companies who want to become just like the bigger brands you’ve worked with.

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Use memes

Memes are a great way to stay relevant on social media. Using humor in your marketing humanizes a company and attracts younger clients and customers.

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Don’t overpost on social media

Twitter users accept a more frequent posting schedule, but users on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can feel bombarded if you post more than once a day. Be aware of how many times your posting so you don’t lose followers from constant posts on their news feeds.

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Storytelling is the future

The internet is bombarded with white noise. Constant facts, information, ads, and sharing. What cuts through to an audience? What takes someone from being a scroller to a reader? A good story. If you sit and think of the last few times you really took more than 10 seconds to view something on your social media account, you would realize it was probably because someone began telling a story you cared about.

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Focus on customers first

You’re promoting your brand but to make consumers care, put them first. Lead with the benefit or a solution to a problem before you mention how you can help.

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