PR Hack of the Week

Tell a story.

Having a story surrounding your company will help generate audience’s attention. People tend to be more interested when there is a story they can relate to.

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Set up Google Alerts

Whenever your company is mentioned in the media, you need to be the first to know. Google Alerts will alert you whenever your company name is mentioned. You can react first to surprise crisis situations or capitalize on positive news coverage instantly.

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Invite journalists to collaborate on a story instead of just feeding them information

Journalists and reporters want to feel responsible for their own content. Instead of giving them facts, pitch a story angle and invite them to brainstorm ways they can make your story, their story.

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Have a dedicated media contact at your company

Who handles the media at your company? It shouldn’t be the CEO and it shouldn’t be the receptionist. Companies who want media coverage need a dedicated media contact who knows the company inside and out and whose whole mission is to promote and answer questions about the company’s brand.

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Add a press page to your website

Make it easier for journalists and bloggers to learn more about your company by including a press page. Here you can include press releases and news coverage your company receives. 

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Start local

When searching for media coverage, it’s tempting to start pitching immediately to large national media outlets. However, to gain credibility you should start with local outlets before moving on to industry journals and large news outlets.

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Regularly double-check your contact list

People are switching jobs more often, including reporters, so it’s important to make sure you’re not calling them the wrong name. Prevent these mistakes by regularly checking media sites to make sure reporters are still working at the outlets.

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Keep your pitch short and sweet

Reporters receive more emails than you can imagine. If your subject line is able to catch their attention and they open your email, the last thing the want to see is a block of text. Keep the pitch to a few sentences and make the reporters so interested that they contact you to request more information.

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Build relationships with journalists.

Reporters will be more inclined to open your emails if they have a personal relationship with you. Take time to connect and network with journalists to ensure they recognize you and want to help get your pitches out to the public. Pro tip: ask out for coffee, they’ll almost never say no!

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Get your pitch emails opened.

Reporters receive countless emails a day. Let yours stand out by including an interesting fact about you or your business. <For example, > It may help you get your email noticed.

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