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Cybersecurity PR Firm

So, exactly HOW can a PR firm benefit a cybersecurity company?  Unlike advertising agencies, Axia Public Relations promotes businesses by way of editorial coverage – otherwise, known as 'earned' or 'free' media.  We utilize rich media resources for our promotional stories and content that appear on websites, social media platforms, newspapers, magazines/respected publications, TV programs, radio broadcasts, and more.  

Our talent consists of award-winning news reporters and consultants, information technology pros, communications experts, and other gifted professionals.  We analyze regional and national businesses; we become familiar with the strengths/assets/positive messages and images each one brings to the table.  We, then, translate those messages into affirmative and highly-favorable media stories.

Axia is eager to help boost the public relations efforts of any cybersecurity company.

We Protect and Promote

Cybersecurity firms, like any other organization, require the protection, enhancement, and building of their reputations and services, via articles, awards programs, speaking engagements and more. 


It's not uncommon, however, for cybersecurity organizations to hold to the mantra of, “We're fine with promoting ourselves since we use social-media outlets.”  With the social-media platform, alone, Axia PR ensures, truly, relevant content reaches high-target audiences – this is key!  Social media content, absolutely, must be strategic and add value.  Otherwise, the impact of social media becomes null and void.

Some cybersecurity organizations might claim, “We have no real news to share.” – How about making news announcements about funding, product developments, speaking engagements, conferences, and more?  At Axia PR, we can organize and facilitate these important news-worthy events, for you.  We can place your news into the hands of movers and shakers, relevant to your industry!  Check out some of our case studies.

Cybersecurity Companies Get Hacked, Too

If the unthinkable were to occur – such as a breach – Axia PR would be your immediate ambassador and potent PR ally to help your cybersecurity company recover, faster.  Part of Axia PR's arsenal is CrisisPoint – our crisis communications management system and ReputationRestoration – our online reputation management system.


Many businesses aren't fully equipped, psychologically and practically, to address crisis situations.  Companies are ill-prepared because most companies feel it will never happen to them. In fact, many organizations have no crisis plan, in place, at all.  Even cybersecurity businesses get hacked.  


Take, for example:


Kaspersky – June 2015 – Founder, Eugene Kaspersky, was confident the hack attempt was made by a nation state.  Kaspersky stated, “Governments attacking IT security companies is simply outrageous!”  Fortunately, products and services were not compromised.


LastPass – June 2015 – Hackers attempted to steal a centralized database of users' passwords.  Fortunately, again, the hackers failed, but LastPass implemented dozens of modifications to their systems.


BitDefender – July 2015 – A hacker gained limited access but demanded a ransom.  BitDefender refused to pay it.  It is believed 400 million customers' accounts may have been compromised, although BitDefender claimed the hacker gained access to a relatively small number of its customers' data.


An interesting and disturbing statistic from the University of Maryland states that hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. 


From corporate espionage, hostage situations, and negative online reviews to FBI raids, product recall, and more, Axia PR's expertise has successfully remedied regional and national organizations' financial, organizational, and technical crises situations.

Tools and Resources that Transform!

Our team is ready to become your team as we work together towards a shared-growth objective.  This becomes realized through a treasure trove of tools, resources, and talents.


News Media – News media allows us to, impressively, promote your name and maximize your visibility and loyalty among target-industry contacts and consumers.  We capitalize on the news media arena, on your behalf, where we can utilize a plethora of possibilities:  speaking engagements, award presentations, spokesperson media training, crisis management, and more!


Social Media – Social Media enables us to utilize social networking, online reviews, question-and-answer sites, social-influencer groups, and others to solidify or rectify your name and your reputation.  When necessary, social media provides the ideal platform and opportunity to give play-by-play updates as part of a crisis-management plan.  


There are about 250 million US social media users.  If negative news were to permeate your cybersecurity organization, our innovative professionals would capitalize on this venue and this volume to inject favorable content in a timely manner – neutralizing the negative and damaging coverage would be critical.


Web Media – Web media provides a powerful platform that can promote your name through a variety of means.  This can include dynamic website design & development.  Through stunning imagery – including 3-D simulations, visually-appealing infographics, etc – as well as navigational ease, mobile optimization and much more, the difference between new conversions and lost prospects becomes a reality. 


Online Review & Reputation Management – Online Review & Reputation Management can address every nightmarish experience from negative online reviews to data breaches to cyber attacks.  We can repair and restore your good name, if needed, and help heal damaged consumer confidence.   

As a cybersecurity PR firm, we offer a revolutionary review-management platform to monitor, collect, and promote your online reviews with impressive efficiency and effectiveness!  Promotion and restoration is what we do!

After It's All Said and Done

Axia PR is ready to create a killer PR campaign for your cybersecurity organization.  We guarantee positive exposure and increased leads.  We'll book speaking engagements, submit your form to be nominated for awards in your industry, manage and assess your online reviews, develop email campaigns, and facilitate engagement with some of the biggest influencers in the industry at face-to-face networking events – providing growth opportunities to broaden your reach beyond what you would be able to do, online!  


At Axia, our PR is measurable.  That means you will be able to track the outputs, outtakes, outcomes, and impacts of our PR efforts.    

Contact Us Today for Your Free Consultation! 

There’s no question your company could benefit from an expertly run PR campaign and ongoing PR management! Visit our Become a Client form, give us a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 (888-773-4768), and let’s schedule a free consultation to go over your business’ PR needs.


We can help victims of a cyberattack with public relations as well. We also offer tips on how to prepare your PR for a cyberattack.